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Black Clover Chapter 347 release date, spoilers: Ichika could be behind the Yami clan massacre and not Sukehiro

December 29, 2022

Black Clover Chapter 347 spoilers are now out, revealing some details about the Yami clan’s past. Ichika blamed his brother Sukehiro for the death of their set, but she now wonders if she had anything to do with it.

Titled Truth in Deception, Black Clover Chapter 347 will finally bring to light what really happened with the so-called annihilation of the Yami clan. So is Sukehiro the real culprit or is Ichika?

The new chapter begins with Ichika’s monologue, in which she says they don’t need Asta’s help to defeat the Paladins. She believes they have everything under control.

The realization comes after Sister Lily and her paladins use a combination of giant ice and space magic spells. She acknowledges the large amount of yoryoku of the enemies.

Later, the paladin Yrul unveils an illusion spell that allows its victims to see their own fears and allows Ichika to see their father. In Black Clover chapter 347, although she is confident that it cannot harm her, it triggers her memory.

She witnesses her father giving Sukehiro a secret medicine that has been passed down for generations. The drug can lure out the demonic potential of its clanmates.

In the next scene, she sees her father force-feed her the medicine after her brother refuses to take it. She then witnesses the people flee during the Yami clan massacre.

This leads her to wonder if she is actually behind the murders and not Sukehiro. She even hears her father say in Black Clover chapter 347: As expected of my child, Ichika.

The scene then returns to the current timeline where Daizaemon can barely stand. Lily persuades him to give up, revealing that Lucius still has plans to turn the Ryuzen Seven into paladins.

The last sequence shows Ichika shaking with fear, doubting her strength and believing she is weak. From there, her father is about to slash her open when Asta shows up and protects her just like Sukehiro has done in the past.

In Black Clover Chapter 346, the residents of Hino land watch the battle against the sacred dragon from afar after Ryudo Ryuya asks them to flee to Honshu. Kezokaku Ginnojomorifuyu and Lily argued while a flashback showed Ryuya telling the Ryuzen Seven about the upcoming war.

Later, Sisterly was surprised as she beheld one of the strongest sorcerers in Hino land after successfully decapitating the sacred dragon. Ichika told Lily that Ryuya believed in her and that’s why they would never give up.

Black Clover Chapter 347 will be released on Sunday January 8th.