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Black Clover Chapter 345 Release Date, Spoilers: Asta May Unleash His Perfect Zettes

November 30, 2022

In Black Clover Chapter 345, Asta and the Ryuzen Seven face off against Sister Lily and the unleashed Five-Headed Dragon. Here, fans can witness the protagonist using his new move, Perfect Tagger, as he prepares to battle the Paladins.

Of course, fans will also see the Ryuzen Seven in action and their combat skills and abilities. So expect Black Clover Chapter 345 to be action packed.

In the new chapter, the focus could be on Asta’s training again. The previous chapter ended with the perspective switching to Asta and introducing the strongest member of the Ryuzen Seven, who could also be the last member of the group.

So Yuki Tabata could spend the next chapter introducing this new character. From there, Asta could unleash his Perfect Tets during his training bouts.

When that happens, he can join the Ryuzen Seven in fighting Sister Lily’s group and the Five-Headed Dragon. In Schwarzer Klee, chapter 345, however, this cannot happen yet.

If Tabata wants to get him involved in the fight right away, he might have already done so in chapter 344. So it’s possible that Sister Lily and the five-headed dragon use Asta as their trump card instead, delaying his entry into the fight by a few chapters.

In Black Clover chapter 343, Lucius asked Moris how he was doing. The latter revealed that he was absorbed into Lucifero’s vessel when the devil materialized.

Lucius offered him redemption while members of the Dark Triad, Zenon, Dante and Vanica were seen in three magical cocoons surrounding Lucius’ throne. The antagonist then touched Mori’s chest and all of his missing limbs and organs regenerated, and he began controlling his mind.

Lucius then called Sister Lily and asked her to cut short the bad future in the land of the sun where Asta was. She set out with the two paladins, Heath Grice and Yrul, who formed the five-headed dragon.

The Ryuzen Seven prepared for battle. Ichika never thought she would face the fabled five-headed dragon and vowed that the group would never allow him to harm Hino land as long as they lived.

Then Asta lifted off the ground while being teased by what he described as the most powerful member of Ryuzen Seven. He required Asta to prove his skills and told him that no one cared about his guts or zeal.

The last member of the group played a shamisen in silence while appearing to be sitting in a tree. We’ll see how it goes when Black Clover Chapter 343 comes out on Monday, December 5th.