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Black Clover Chapter 343 release date, spoilers: A familiar villain appears to be returning to ally with Lucius

November 4, 2022

Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 343 surfaced earlier this week, hinting at the return of a supposedly dead character. Many assumed that the blonde, scarred paladin who appeared alongside Sister Lily was the main antagonist of the Magic Knights Entrance Arc, Heath.

Asta was already fighting Heath when he was investigating events in a nearby village on his first mission. By the looks of it, the villain has returned to face Asta and the Black Bulls and ally himself with Lucius, and Black Clover Chapter 343 could all solve it.

Warning! The following content contains major spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The new chapter spoilers mainly focus on the fight between Asta and Ichika after they had conflicting opinions about Yami. As their fight continues, Ryudo Ryuya stops them and says they have arrived.

Then the coast of Hino Country is revealed, and Sister Lily and two other Paladins are shown, one of whom looks like Heath. Due to the scar on the blonde paladin’s face, many believe it to be Heath, and he’s back in the series.

So why is he back, and who is the other Paladin that appears with him in Black Clover Chapter 343? While it’s still unconfirmed if it’s Heath, some are convinced he’ll return due to his unique ice magic.

He too has already fought Asta and the Black Bulls, making him the perfect ally for Lucius as the villain prepares to battle Asta. So what can fans expect from his arrival?

There are theories that he faces Asta again while Ichika faces Sister Lily and Ryuda fights the other Paladin. This could prompt Asta to use his new Zetten Technique and possibly decide to return to the Clover Kingdom.

Meanwhile, it was revealed in Chapter 342 of Black Clover that Yami’s clan is an assassin known to be the descendant of Kijin. Asta refused to believe Ichika’s revelations that her brother killed her family, stressing that he could not do such a thing.

According to mythology, a five-headed dragon attacked the land of the sun, and only a heavenly maiden saved the land by making a pact with him. It was also revealed in the last chapter that Yami and Ichika’s father was an alcoholic and hurt Ichika, so Yami had to protect his sister.

Yami was later seen with a bloodied sword in hand while dead bodies were scattered everywhere. Ryudo Ryuya saved Ichika, who then pointed out that Yami was a liar and ran away after doing so.

Since Asta also insisted that Ichika was lying, a fight ensued between the two. Their battle and the arrival of the mysterious Paladins will be seen when Black Clover Chapter 343 releases on Sunday, November 6th.