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Black Clover Chapter 342 release date, spoilers: The aftermath of Ichika’s shocking revelation

October 19, 2022

After Ichika made a shocking revelation about her brother, Yami Sukehiro, Black Clover Chapter 342 may reveal more about this story arc. Will fans learn the truth behind the stranger from Hino land?

Ichika revealed why she hates her brother: he murdered her entire clan. Since this seemed like a nod to Yami’s dark past, will fans learn more about it in Black Clover Chapter 342?

There are theories that the next chapter will reveal the story behind Ichika’s revelation. She could narrate what happened in the past or there could be a flashback to see why Yami did it.

When this happens, fans will learn more about her clan and Yami’s past, and if Ichika’s revelation is true. Elsewhere, readers may also see the important role Ryuya plays in Ichika’s life after mentioning that she has great respect for him.

Of course, Black Clover Chapter 342 will provide some insight into Asta’s training with the Ryuzen Seven and whether he has evolved in the use of anti-magic. It looks like he still has a long way to go before he finally masters this skill.

Meanwhile, in Black Clover Chapter 341, Ichika told Asta that her brother killed her entire clan. Asta found himself in the Land of the Sun after being teleported and injured by the now devil-infused sister Lily, who after undergoing a massive transformation began serving Lucius.

It was Yami’s country of origin that he seemed to have moved away from one day. Luckily, Ryuya and Ichika, Yami’s childhood friend and younger sister, found him.

From then on, fans learned that Yami was his last name and his real name was Sukehiro. This might have confused Asta, but it might also have something to do with their different cultures as they came from different places.

But with the new information that readers have learned about Yami, everything may have changed. Or Ryuya knew everything about Asta thanks to his ability to see everything that was happening around him.

His psychic powers helped the country’s shogun see what was happening to the protagonist and why he was in the Land of the Sun. So he stretched out his hand further and healed the boy.

He even promised to help him train and take him under Ichika’s wing. As the two began their training, Ichika made the reveal about Yami. Fans may find out more when Black Clover Chapter 342 releases on Sunday, October 30th.