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Black Clover Chapter 342 release date, spoilers: Asta thinks Yami kills his clan to save Ichika

October 27, 2022

Black Clover Chapter 342 spoilers have been released. It describes how Yami wipes out his clan, as told by his sister Ichika. Since the younger Yami, who happens to be her last name, despises her brother so much, isn’t it her fault that he killed her family?

Ichika has said a lot against her brother, calling him a liar and unreliable. But Asta can’t believe his ears and doubts every word Ichika says against Yami. He believes he has a reason for massacring their circle, which may be revealed in Black Clover Chapter 342.

The spoilers reveal that Yami and Ichika’s father is an alcoholic who wants to hurt Ichika after his wife’s death by childbirth. As an older brother, Yami will never let his father lay hands on his younger sister and hones his skills using magic and a katana to protect her from him.

The spoilers also touch on the legend of the Land of the Sun, a five-headed dragon that rampaged and could only be appeased by a heavenly maiden. Since then, it has been the task of the Yami clan to guard the territory owned by the Ryudo family.

In order to prevent the dragon from attacking again, there are theories that they must sacrifice a maiden, which could be Ichika. Of course, it could be that Yami went against it and killed his entire clan to save his sister, which could be revealed in Black Clover Chapter 342.

There are also claims that maybe Ichika murdered the entire Yami clan instead and blamed it on Yami. It’s also possible that Ryuya joined the fight to defend Ichika since he still had a full pair of eyes back then.

From there, the series could return to the current timeline and see the fight between Asta and Ichika. The truth about Yami and her clan may finally be revealed at the end of their fight.

Meanwhile, Black Clover Chapter 341 saw the other three members of the Ryuzen Seven: Komari Imari, Daizaemon O’oka, and Jozo Hanegatsuji. They all trained Asta to use tedders in different ways.

Asta learned that there were multiple ways to use Zette, and each member of the Ryuzen Seven used it differently based on their traits. Unfortunately he wasn’t strong enough to win against them, he lost every fight even when he was in his Devil Union form.

The three willingly followed Ryuya’s orders; finally Asta met Ichika. The two started talking, and Asta started revealing her age and past.

She also told him about Ryuya’s abilities, called Tengentsuu/Clairvoyance, to lead the country. He could see the present phenomenon with his right eye and saved Ichika in the past. Later, Ichika revealed that Yami killed her entire clan.

You can see what’s next when Black Clover Chapter 342 comes out on Sunday October 30th.