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Black Clover Chapter 341 release date, spoilers: The preparations for the great battle

October 12, 2022

Asta’s training continues in Black Clover Chapter 341. Ichika and Ryuya will teach him how to become stronger to defeat Lucius when the time is right.

Black Clover Chapter 341 also hints that Asta could train with the Ryuzen Seven. So by the looks of it, everything points to the big fight that’s about to happen between Asta and Lucius.

In the next chapter, fans will be able to get a glimpse of what’s happening in the Clover Kingdom. You will learn more about the Magic Knights and how they are prepared for the upcoming battle against Lucius and his paladins.

Of course, a look at Noelle, Secre and Mimosa should not be missing. They have a sad expression on their faces because they believe that Asta is dead after Lucius’ attack, but they firmly believe that their friend is still alive.

Noelle and Secre go in search of Asta, and in Black Clover Chapter 341, they learn how far they’ve come to find him. Little did they know that Asta is now working hard on his training with Ichika. He will do anything to match Lucius’ strength and bring him down soon.

It’s also possible that the next chapter is about Yuno’s determination or Lucius’ actions. Asta might not be the only one preparing for the big battle; also Lucius could do something to prepare for his great adversary.

Meanwhile, Asta’s Zette Training continued in chapter 340 of Black Clover, entitled An Opening. Asta already knew the basics, so Ryuda wanted him to take a test.

He asked him to fight Ichika who was a well-known expert. Asta was no match for Ichika’s strength and abilities, even when activating his Devil Union.

She was too strong for him and would never give him even a chance to defeat her. Therefore, Ichika defeated Asta without breaking a sweat.

Asta wanted to go into the second round of the fight but Ichika was furious with him and knocked him out. However, Asta remained conscious, making him one of the few who could take Ichika’s punches without passing out after fighting her in the Land of the Sun.

That just showed how far Asta had come in his training. Their battle even revealed Zetten’s origin after the creator unleashed Yojutsu to cleave the sky with one attack. Black Clover Chapter 341 will be released on Sunday October 16th.