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Black Clover Chapter 336 Release Date, Spoilers: The Captains’ Battle Against Lucius

August 31, 2022

Black Clover Chapter 336 will feature the Captains’ fight against Lucius. With this, fans will witness another intense battle in the manga sequel.

Lucius called Asta the taint of the world. That’s why he doesn’t want to do anything other than put the popular hero in Black Clover Chapter 336’s place, and there’s no way he’s leaving.

Epic dope stated that Lucius must have held Asta back to gain advantage in the future war. Mimosa, Noelle and Secre can be seen talking about their feelings towards Asta as these three are very upset after Asta’s disappearance.

Judging by the events of the last chapter, the upcoming part could be loud SportsKeeda take one of the two general narrative routes. The first will take the perspective from the royal capital of the Clover Kingdom.

Alternatively, the other route will follow Lucius and Asta provided they are teleported to the same location. The first route could focus on Yami, William, Noelle, Mimosa and Secre.

Their proximity to Asta or Julius gives them the best chance of winning Black Clover Chapter 336. The two captains can discuss with their colleagues how they want to proceed.

There may also be some internal explanations for the two. The relationship between Mimosa, Noelle and Secre and Asta could also be highlighted in the new chapter.

It could be the prelude to the issue’s finale, revealing the official plan of the Clover Kingdom’s armed forces. While the full plan won’t be revealed, fans could get a glimpse of the Klee Kingdom’s overall strategy or course of action in this final battle against Lucius.

The second path, on the other hand, can take different forms depending on what is happening and the situation the characters are in in Black Clover Chapter 336. Asta and Lucius may have already ended up in the same place after their disappearance.

Asta may be trapped in Lucius’ base of operations, which may not be in the underworld but in the human world. Yuno and the other Black Bulls might be waiting for them there and explaining where they were to exacerbate the situation.

This can also help Asta to be freed quickly. Then there could be a time warp where Asta and Yuno fight together, which could also show how Paladins can be defeated.

This event will allow Yuno to advance through the ranks of Sacred Tier. However, fans should take these assumptions with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed yet.

Black Clover Chapter 336 will be released on Sunday September 4th.