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Black Clover Chapter 333 release date, spoilers: Lucius and Asta finally face off

August 5, 2022

Black Clover Chapter 333 spoilers have finally surfaced, showing more of Lucius and Asta. The two will finally face each other and there will be a lot of revelations that will surprise fans.

Lucius sets out to hunt down Asta after defeating Lucifer and consuming his heart. So does that mean there’s a big battle coming in Black Clover Chapter 333?

Warning! The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

SportsKeeda noted that Twitter leaks revealed that the title of the next chapter will be The Savior and the Blight of the World. It will include a flashback to Lucius being back with his siblings in the Spade Kingdom.

They look at some broken tablets in a temple; things quickly escalated from there. Lucius reveals that Julius is the person closest to him, but is disappointed that he is going against his plans.

Lucius believes he is the key to world peace. Finally, in the next scene, Lucius reveals to Asta his true identity, revealing that the wizard king he knows and respects is already dead.

In Black Clover Chapter 333, Lucius casts a spell that freezes time so only he and Asta can move and speak. He then tells him about Julius’ mission and talks about Lucifero, which confuses Asta and he doesn’t know what to say.

Lucius then reveals his plans to wipe out humanity and rebuild it with the help of his siblings’ magic. He believes that by doing this he can free people from suffering and they will begin to treat each other as equals and with the utmost respect.

He wants to be the last wizard king to rule over all of humanity. Asta is still trying his best to understand everything that happened.

Then Lucius reveals that he sees Asta as the taint of this world, hence the title, knowing he was born without magical powers. Finally, feeling overwhelmed, Asta exclaims that the Wizard King, his idol, will not give up anytime soon.

He also insists that he is not dead yet. Black Clover Chapter 333 ends with Asta claiming he wants to surpass the Wizard King.

In Black Clover Chapter 332, Lucius defeated Lucifero and ate his heart, saying that humans are better than devils, aloud Epic dope. Asta was promoted to senior mage knight first class while Yuno became a major mage knight.

Captain Fuegoleon, Captain Nozel, and Lady Mareoleona declined the recommendation to become the next Wizard King, claiming they were still weak. Suddenly Lucius appeared and warned Asta of his final destination.

Black Clover Chapter 333 will be released on Sunday 7th August.