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Black Clover Chapter 332 Release Date, Spoilers: The Beginning of the End

June 24, 2022

Fans are now awaiting the release of Black Clover Chapter 332 after Yuki Tabata took some time off. The manga is on hiatus for three months and when it returns the ending will begin.

After completing the Spade Kingdom raid arc, Tabata has decided to take a break before beginning work on the final saga in the series. What can Black Clover Chapter 332 fans expect when he returns?

SportsKeeda pointed out that the next installment will be the final story arc of the manga after the previous chapter brought the biggest twist of the series. The wizard-king Julius Novachrono himself turned out to be Zogratis’ fourth brother, Lucius.

This makes him the main villain of the series, as he is also the host of Astaroth, the time devil. This revelation is expected to have a big impact.

How will Asta and the rest of the gang face Lucius knowing that he is the 28th Magical Emperor of the Magical Knights of the Clover Kingdom? Will they be able to deal with him easily or will they have the hardest time fighting him?

With this new reveal, Black Clover Chapter 332 is definitely a must-try. The final story arc will mainly focus on Asta and Yuno fighting together against the master devils that cannot manifest in the human world.

Meanwhile, in Black Clover Chapter 331, Damnatio went to Julius’ office, according to Anime News and Facts. Julius ended the transmission between them and was relieved the fight was over after receiving Marx’s raid report.

But the uneasy feeling after the demon’s attack continued to trouble him. Damnatio began his own investigation into the devils after the trial of Secre and Asta.

He found out in the documents that two decades ago Megicula did not belong to the tree of Qliphoth and the underworld had three rulers: Lucifero from gravity magic, Beelzebub from space magic and Astaroth from time magic.

Damnatio suspected that Megicula replaced Astaroth when the latter mysteriously disappeared from the underworld. His suspicions grew, knowing that there was only one Time Mage – Julius.

Julius thought the same and begged Damnatio to stop him. But Julius had already transformed into his adult form and his grimoire had recovered numerous pages before he could finish his thoughts and Damnatio could use his scale magic.

He tapped Damnatio’s head with a finger and it slumped to the ground. Julius’ grimoire then turned into a spade grimoire with an envelope.

Then Adrammelech appeared and said that everything had gone according to Lucius’ prediction. Lucius then turned and told the devil that the time had come.

Black Clover Chapter 332 is expected to be released in August.