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Black Clover Chapter 327 release date, spoilers: The big reveals about Asta

March 16, 2022

Black Clover Chapter 327 will be all about revelations as the fight against Lucifero continues. Aside from Asta’s new form of devil union, he may also finally experience his connection to love.

Asta and Love will team up to bring down the devil in Black Clover Chapter 327. They will unleash the power of the Brotherhood by supporting each other and combining their skills to stop Lucifero.

The senior devil will notice that Asta has regained her strength. This means the antagonist can hit harder – provided they still have the strength to do so.

Since he said he’s getting serious, maybe the villain will unleash whatever power he has left. So does this mean that fans will see the last of him soon?

Also, Asta may finally learn his true connection to love. Although there are theories that the low-ranking devil is the protagonist’s father, as Recent Highlights noted, some have said that they are just brothers.

As they face the fight hand in hand, fans will witness how love will choose to act now. With Asta’s support, he can use everything he has to defeat Lucifero.

The two have no intention of backing down and promise to do so together with all their might. Asta has gained new powers and his anger may finally defeat the devil.

Meanwhile, fans will see Asta’s fifth horn in Black Clover Chapter 327. Everyone was ecstatic upon seeing his new form of devil union that rivaled the power of Lucifero.

So, in the new chapter, fans will witness another fight between these two. Sports Keeda revealed that Asta could finally get a grip on Lucifero with his new form.

With no one coming to help, Asta is now on her own to stop this devil. But while fans trust Yuki Tabata won’t kill any of the three Magic Knights, some fear for Yuno’s life.

Mimosa is now dead while Gray has used up her buff magic. So who will heal everyone?

Meanwhile, there are also theories that Asta might have a hard time controlling his new Devil Union form since he has a black iris instead of a red one. Some say this is the result of Asta and Love sharing consciousness, while others believe it is not the devil union at all.

So did Asta just get new magic? Find out when Black Clover Chapter 327 comes out on Friday, March 18th. The manga will be released earlier, as announced by Viz and Manga Plus.