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Black Clover Chapter 326 release date, spoilers: Can Yami make a difference in the fight against Lucifero?

March 8, 2022

The fight against Lucifero continues in Black Clover Chapter 326. But this time the devil will move against Yami.

Yami will face off against Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 326. Since Asta is the only one who can bring down the supreme devil, can Yami make a difference?

In the last highlights it was mentioned that Yami’s dark magic can make a small difference. Along with his skills and power, he can be a formidable opponent for the supreme devil.

Yami’s attacks have turned Lucifero serious. With this turn of events, the story arc has probably reached its climax and the end is imminent.

Will they finally bring down Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 326? More will not be revealed yet, but it could be soon.

Asta knows his Felbond mode is the only thing that can make a difference in this fight. The devil is far superior to him, while love seeks revenge.

He agrees to the union, but there’s a catch. Asta’s union unleashes antimagic that becomes a hindrance to his allies.

While Nacht and Yami can easily fight, Asta cannot even move as his power negates all magic. So if he meets Lucifero, there’s not much he can do.

Sure, Lucifero calls him the most dangerous, but he’s also the most inexperienced and clumsy. Thanks to Yami, he was saved, so he must step up his fight in the coming chapters.

In this context, Comibook has stated that Yuno would not bet on Asta, but probably on Yami. Yami has more accessibility than Asta and his sword can make a big difference.

Yuno remains loyal to the people who nurtured him, no matter how powerful he has become. Yami wields his captain’s sword, so he has great respect for him.

Yuno has made it clear that he will be betting on the fighter wielding the sword of vengeance, Yami. However, things can still change as the story progresses.

Yuno has never mentioned Yami by name, so his bet is subject to change for technical reasons. If Asta gets a chance to wield the sword, Yuno’s bet may turn against him.

He might start supporting Asta. But nothing is concrete yet, because now that they are fighting Lucifero, anything is possible.

Also, fans need to know that the manga’s creator, Yuki Tabata, isn’t afraid to change the course of events when the need arises. Black Clover Chapter 326 will be released on Sunday March 13th.