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Black Clover Chapter 324 release date, spoilers: Black Bull teams up to defeat Lucifero

February 18, 2022

Black Clover Chapter 324 spoilers have finally emerged, revealing the continuation of the fight against Lucifero. Will the knights and captains finally hunt down the chief devil this time?

It looks like there’s more combination magic to come for fans to experience in Black Clover Chapter 324. There will also be another dual Devil Union mode.

Warning! The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Recent highlights revealed that the new chapter Kid’s Playground would be called. The first panel shows Zora bravely confronting Lucifero.

He is pushed back, but Yami and Nacht come to his aid, jumping between him and Lucifero. The entire Black Bull squad will band together and attack the villain at once.

A grimoire appears, which Lucifero angrily notes. Yami reveals that he feels a lot of power rising in him, although he doesn’t know why or how.

Night and Yami then unleash a full zone of mana and use a combination of Dark Magic and Shadow Magic. It looks like Lucifero is hurt by the attack as you can see a small bruise on his hand.

From here, Lucifero takes the fight seriously, and Black Clover Chapter 324 officially begins the final battle between humans and devils. Sportskeeda explains that Dark Magic and Shadow Magic reinforce each other, allowing Night and Yami to combine their powers.

This step unleashes the Shadow Magic X Dark Magic: Kid’s Playground, from which the title comes. Although the raw scan doesn’t reveal what this particular spell does, it appears to cover the entire ground in shadows, with a number of shadow soldiers emerging from it.

This attack proves effective after leaving a small scar on Lucifero, surprising Adrammelech. The senior devil is dissatisfied and eventually becomes suspicious of the grimoires.

So he enters a calm but threatening state and warns everyone that he will destroy everything. But Yami and Nacht don’t mind and prepare for the final battle.

Asta and Yuno will also play an important role here, as they can be seen standing side by side, awaiting Yami’s command as they both prepare for the big fight.

So does this mean that fans will see the end of Lucifero anytime soon? Is the story arc nearing its end? Should that be the case, fans are expecting Noelle to return and complete the light triad.

Black Clover Chapter 324 will be released on Sunday February 20th.