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Black Clover Chapter 323 Release Date, Spoilers: Yami, Asta team up to defeat Lucifero

February 8, 2022

Fans are now awaiting the arrival of Black Clover Chapter 323 now that Yami has officially returned. With the Captain’s arrival, Yami and Asta could join forces to finally defeat Lucifero.

Any magic knights who can still fight must act as decoys to distract Lucifero. While being distracted, Asta might make a move in Black Clover chapter 323.

Recent highlights have shown that now that Yami is back, there are theories that Williams is back as well. Fans and the knights see a ray of hope in the new chapter, because they now have the chance to bring down the supreme devil.

Nacht and Asta are badly injured, but they continue the fight. Nacht tries to chain Lucifero with his new form of Devil Union Mode, but the villain is too strong for the chains.

So the knights have to come up with the idea that Asta can sneak up and slash open Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 323. He’s the only one who can harm the incredibly strong big villain, and now that Yami is here, it could finally happen.

Meanwhile, in Black Clover Chapter 321, Yuno turned himself in to Lucifero to protect Asta and Mimosa with Mereoleona’s help. Mimosa was low on mana and unable to heal Asta, but Asta just woke up and rejoined the fight.

Unfortunately, Yuno and Mereoleona were no match for Lucifero either, although they managed to hold him. The devil asked the chief devil of the Second Gate, Adramelech, to face them instead, but he refused.

From the looks of it, the enemy’s subordinate hadn’t even followed him. Just as Lucifero was about to attack Mereoleona, Yuno saved her and was hit instead.

Nacht turned to Asta and asked him to join forces with him to fight Lucifero. He knew that Asta’s anti-magic was the only way to defeat the Demon King.

Nacht entered a dual Felbond mode: Equus x Canis when Asta attacked him from behind, but Lucifero was able to break free. He was about to punch Asta when Nacht appeared in front of him.

He was ready to die and meet Morgen in the afterlife when suddenly Yami appeared. Does that mean William will also join the fight?

Yami’s katana looks like it’s made out of a branch, leading to theories that it could be accessible through William’s magic from the world tree. It remains to be seen if Yami can parry Lucifero’s attacks, but he manages to stop him from hitting Nach with his weapon.

We’ll see how it goes when Black Clover Chapter 323 comes out on Sunday, February 13th.