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Black Clover Chapter 316 Release Date, Spoiler: The Fight to Save Yami, William

December 1, 2021

Asta is embroiled in a major battle in Black Clover chapter 316 after Lucifero uses the tree of Qliphoth as his vessel. With his incredible strength he puts everyone’s life in danger, especially that of Captains Yami and William.

Despite the combined forces of the magicians, the ship offers tenacious resistance against them. Can Asta defeat this great enemy in Black Clover, Chapter 316?

Asta must do his best to bring this ship down or he will lose his two captains forever. Sure, the number of Magical Knights is incredibly high, but their armed forces are not particularly strong compared to their enemy.

Recent highlights determined that it might have something to do with the long battle they had behind them or that Lucifero’s ship was very strong. It was undeniable that merging with the Tree of Qliphoth was a smart move.

William and Yami are the core of this tree, so they are the ones who give strength and power to this vessel. That just means Asta has to destroy the jar to save her before it’s too late.

Lucifer fails to fully manifest, so Asta has more time to save Yami and William before this happens. So can he do that in Black Clover Chapter 316?

Meanwhile, Ultra Black Bull has dealt a tremendous blow on the face of Supreme Devil in Black Clover Chapter 315. All Black Bull members gave their all and worked and fought as a team, according to OtakuKart News.

Night asked them not to let the King of Devils invade the human world, no matter what. Luck, Magna, Charmy, Gordon, Gauche and other members of the Black Bulls agreed and hit him with fatal blows.

Unfortunately, due to gravity magic, the warriors could not move outside the castle before the Ultra Black Bull appeared. Everyone wanted to save Yami and William from the spell after Luck saw them.

The King Supreme Devil continued to wreak havoc all over the place, facing the Ultra Black Bull. Night transformed into his devil form when he noticed that Lucifero had fused with Qliphoth and was using a vessel to manifest himself, at the core of which are Yami and William found.

Fortunately, Lucifero wasn’t fully manifest yet, so they still had time to save Yami and William. From here he vowed to save her while others were busy fighting.

Could he do that? Find out when Black Clover Chapter 316 releases on Sunday December 12th.