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BIGBANG’s TOP is scheduled to take part in Yusaka Maezawa’s space project #dearMoon next year

December 6, 2022

Rumor has it that BIGBANG’s TOP will accompany well-known Japanese billionaire entrepreneur Yusaka Maezawa on a journey into space in 2023. Though the idol himself has yet to confirm this news, an exclusive media outlet claimed it would happen.

Reportedly, TOP will be one of the eight participants in Project #dearMoon, a mission led by Maezawa himself in collaboration with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Four years ago, Maezawa announced his plans to lead the first civilian mission to the moon with his #dearMoon project, and in 2023 it could finally become a reality.

Maezawa revealed that his companions will be carefully selected for their talents and influence, and will be drawn from around the world, not just Asia. He believes that these chosen people can make a significant contribution to humanity.

In September, he posted a photo with TOP and Lee Byung Hun on his social media page, which quickly caught many people’s attention. He also announced in a tweet that there would be a big announcement about his space plans on Thursday, December 8th.

In his post, he revealed that his meeting with Musk has concluded and that he will be making a space-themed announcement around noon on said date. It’s another new announcement on the anniversary of exactly one year since the day I went to the ISS last year, he continued.

Meanwhile, TOP treated his fans to his birthday in Seoul by sending them cases of wine from his upcoming beverage label, T’spot. As a famous wine lover, the rapper wanted his followers to be able to taste the wine produced at his winery in Argentina.

Although the batch of red wine he gave away came from the Bordeaux region of France, he was able to keep his promise to his fans. Alternatively, his followers also revealed that the message that came with the package said he would be seeing her again soon with a solo album.

Also, the BIGBANG member shared the event on Instagram and said he’s excited to share the sweet fruit of his labors over the past few years with his fans, whom he dubbed Queens.

Due to the Itaewon tragedy that left hundreds of young people dead, TOP decided to have a simple birthday celebration on November 4th. He also postponed the launch of his wine label T’spot this month as a show of respect to the victims of the tragic event and their grieving loved ones.