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BIGBANG’s Taeyang is now officially a father: Experience his romance with Min Hyo-Rin

December 6, 2021

Taeyang is now officially a father after several news outlets confirmed that Min Hyo-rin gave birth to their first child on Monday, December 6th. The actress only confirmed her pregnancy on September 27th.

Less than three months after Min Hyo-rin’s announcement, the couple are now officially parents. According to Soompi, Hankool reported to Ilbo that Taeyang and his wife welcomed a young boy.

The BIGBANG member’s agency, YG Entertainment, even confirmed the news. Taeyang’s wife, Min Hyo-rin, recently gave birth to a healthy son, it said.

Alternatively, the actress’s agency, Plum Entertainment, confirmed in an announcement in September that her artist is already expecting a child and is happily waiting to be a mother, Rappler said. However, since the 35-year-old star wanted to give birth privately, the fans were asked to understand that she would not answer any further questions.

In fact, the agency didn’t reveal when Min Hyo-rin would deliver at the time.

Meanwhile, the Sunny-Star and Taeyang are among the few married celebrity couples in Korea that fans know today. But did you know that the way they became a couple is pretty unique?

Koreaboo revealed that it was G-Dragon who introduced the two to each other. The Happy Loner actress then became the singer-songwriter’s opponent in his music video for 1AM in 2014.

In the clip, the two acted like a real couple, with many romantic scenes together. From here on the role became real.

They eventually developed feelings for each other and became a real couple the same year they shot the music video. From here on, Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin made their relationship public.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyung-suk later confirmed the romance between the two. Channel Korea quoted as saying that Taeyang was lonely and had never dated anyone.

However, it couldn’t be denied that the hitmaker’s fans were concerned about his status. He was filming for Sketchbook at the time, so his boss couldn’t ask for more details about his relationship.

But when he heard it from his manager, he was able to confirm that it was true. So he asked his fans not to worry, as it brought joy to their darling Taeyang.

Instead, you should congratulate him, and he was even happy for him. Min Hyo-rin was his first girlfriend, and Yang Hyung-suk hoped it would help his career.

Eventually, the two got engaged and tied the knot in 2018 before Taeyang enlisted in the army. After two years of marriage, they now have a son.