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Big Bang Taeyang reveals the real reason he left YG Entertainment and joined Black Label

January 17, 2023

Big Bang’s Taeyang recently opened up about his love for his son and why he left YG Entertainment to sign a new deal with The Black Label on Look Me Up on Monday January 16th. The singer-songwriter is on everyone’s lips now after releasing his new single Vibe, which was created in collaboration with BTS’ Jimin.

Taeyang guest-starred in an episode of YouTube channel 1theK Original and shared many details from his life. So what did the dancer reveal?

The 34-year-old searched for information about him that could be found online and confirmed which of it is true and which is not. On his profile page on Namuwiki, he revealed that the information about his child’s birthday was incorrect.

His profile stated that he married Min Hyo Rin in 2018 and their child was born in December 2021. He then corrected the statement that his baby was born in November 2021 and asked those responsible to correct this.

The show’s production team then asked Taeyang to talk about his son. As he was born in November, he revealed that his child just celebrated his first birthday and that he looks like his wife, which makes him even prettier than him.

When they were out, people would ask him if his child was a girl and he had to correct them that it was a boy. He is so pretty. He is so dear and valuable, he continued.

Taeyang also spoke about his decision to switch to another label after being with YG for 16 years. Despite the exit, he clarified that he still has a good relationship with the company after the long time he has worked at YG.

He went on to say that he’s just made up his mind to join The Black Label and thinks it makes sense. We have worked on many songs together, so we will be able to show these works as artists under this agency, he explained.

Meanwhile, Taeyang has effortlessly made his comeback into the mainstream after releasing his new song Vibe, which is now dominating the local and global music charts. His new label claims the song has rocketed to the top of the local music charts just an hour after its release.

The song also climbed to number one in 60 regions on the iTunes Top Songs chart. The music video also went viral on YouTube as soon as it was released, racking up a whopping 200 million views in just 24 hours and becoming the most popular music video on the platform for the next two days.