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‘Berserk’ Chapter 368 Release Date, Spoilers: A Battle Against the Dead Spirits

August 9, 2022

Raw scans of Chapter 368 of Berserk were released on Monday, August 8th, showing a battle against the dead spirits. As it stands, the new chapter would pick up where chapter 367 left off, revealing Elfhelm’s destruction.

The raw scans are by respected manga leaker @GoatPepito. While the synopsis of Berserk Chapter 368 hasn’t been revealed yet, the raw scans are enough to hint at what might happen next.

Warning! The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The pictures that SportsKeeda appears to show supernatural powers causing the attack on Elfhelm and may have something to do with Griffith and the ranks of the Hawk’s Reborn band. The first image shows that the Skull Knight is back on Elfhelm and could save Isidro and Isma. Schierke could also be there, but cannot be seen.

Enemies appear to surround the pair as Isidro holds his salamander dagger and sword in hand. The second photo shows what appears to be dead spirits surrounding Guts and rising from the ground of Elfhelm.

They seem to be whispering something to the Black Swordsman and trying to get inside his head. The third snap shows Guts reaching for Casca in Berserk Chapter 368.

He does look sad, however, as Griffith appears to be carrying Casca away from Elfhelm. She appears to be drugged or unconscious, suggesting that she will return to her dissociative state. While unlikely, it’s not impossible.

The fourth image again shows the dead spirits surrounding Roderick and his crew this time. The black gelatinous globs devour the crew members and reappear as zombie-like creatures.

There is speculation that Griffith allows this, knowing these zombies may have been following his and Zodd’s orders. In the last image, Skull Knight can be seen traveling through Elfhelm to attack the dead spirits trying to devour him.

He effortlessly eliminated the zombies as they begin to flee. So will this be the beginning of the final story arc of the series?

EpicStream quotes that Berserk Chapter 367 takes another big step towards the next possible final arc. Griffith was again seen as the villain and Guts’ main target.

Fans couldn’t help feeling that the end was near. The manga’s publisher, Hakusensha, pointed out that six chapters would officially conclude the Fantasia arc and the Elf Island chapter, leaving only three chapters left.

From there, a new story arc would begin. Berserk Chapter 368 will be released on Friday, August 12th after a short hiatus.