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Attack On Titan Finale Season Part 3: Here’s what fans think of MAPPA splitting Part 3 in half

January 18, 2023

MAPPA has finally released the official trailer for Attack on Titan, Part 3 of the final season. But even though the studio has announced the official release date, it looks like fans aren’t happy about it after learning that the supposed final part is split into two more halves.

The first part of Attack on Titan Final Season 3 Part 3 will be released in March, while the second half has not yet been announced. Still, fans are wondering why MAPPA has to split up the series.

The last part only needs to adapt the last nine chapters of the manga. While that means each episode is longer than usual, viewers are still upset about the decision.

The first episode of the final season was released in December 2020, while the second part, which many thought would be the last of the series, was released in January 2022. Although many celebrated the fact that the anime received a third part to complete Eren’s story, they felt that there were already too many parts for the last and final season, making the series too crowded.

Still, they can’t help but wonder if the supposed second half of the third part will be split into more parts. Some fans seem to understand that MAPPA is splitting Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3.

With so many action-packed scenes the animators have to deal with, it’s bound to be difficult for them to do it all in one go. So others probably see the reason the anime studio needs to do this so the animators have more time to work on the animation.

It is well known that animators are often overwhelmed due to the many projects they have to work on at once. However, some suggest that MAPPA should simply postpone the series and cancel all episodes at once, rather than splitting it in half again.

As such, they can’t help feeling that the studio is taking advantage of the show’s fame. Facing other famous anime series like Vinland Saga Season 2, Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, MAPPA is accused of being greedy.

Meanwhile, the official franchise Twitter account revealed the official release date of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3. The Japanese premiere will take place on March 4th at 12:25 pm Japan time.

Yuichiro Hayashi is also returning to direct the next installment in the series. Alternatively, the second part should appear later this year, although the official release date has not yet been announced. MAPPA also released the official trailer for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3, which gives a glimpse of the chaos the rumbling entails.