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Are Mark and Lindsey from Married At First Sight season 14 still together?

May 24, 2022

Can a marriage work if you don’t know anything about the person who will be your life partner? How difficult is it to get rid of all your problems and live happily with someone you don’t know? Married at First Sight attempts to answer all of these questions and more by bringing relationship experts together with unknown singles. These couples meet for the first time down the aisle, where they are married and sent off on a luxurious honeymoon. The couples then settle into everyday life before deciding whether to stay married or divorce.

Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis, who got together in season 14 of MAFS, were very fond of each other from the start. They seemed quite excited about the experiment and couldn’t wait to begin their journey together. However, they had to navigate some pretty difficult waters, leaving viewers wondering if they are still together. Well, we come with answers!

Mark and Lindsey’s Marriage at First Sight Journey

Interestingly, Mark wanted a committed relationship, but apparently his professional life didn’t give him the opportunity to enjoy the romance. He also had a lot of personal commitments, leaving him no time for himself. Inspired by her grandparents’ marriage, Lindsey wanted a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, she wasn’t so lucky in love, so she decided to bet on the MAFS experiment.

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Although Mark was a bit apprehensive at first sight of Lindsey, he soon put his worries aside and seemed totally tuned into the ceremony. After the ceremony, the two even kissed passionately. Additionally, Lindsey and Mark were thrilled that they shared numerous interests, including their love of cats and their penchant for routine and punctuality. Interestingly, after taking a look at Lindsey’s personality, Mark felt like she wasn’t his type. Also, he realized that she might not fully commit to the marriage as she still had her walls up around herself.

However, Mark refused to entertain such thoughts and instead began talking and flirting with his wife. Luckily, Lindsey returned his affection, and the two were willing to embark on the experiment together. But fate had other plans, because after they plunged headlong into the experiment, Mark decided they should take it a little slower. Lindsey didn’t like that at all and soon led to a heated argument.

Initially, Mark believed that he and Lindsey would be able to reach a point of mutual understanding for their relationship to work. But as the season progressed, their arguments worsened, leaving viewers with doubts as to whether the two were really a match. Lindsey also hinted that Mark was just putting on a show for viewers and behaved differently off camera.

Unfortunately, Lindsey and Mark didn’t seem able to communicate clearly, causing them to grow further and further apart. But in a strange turn of events, the newlyweds decided to give their relationship a chance and decided on decision day to stay married. Lindsey mentioned that he was always there for her, while Mark noted that he could always count on his wife when things got tough. So has their relationship continued to strengthen?

Are Mark and Lindsey still married?

We are sorry to inform you that Mark and Lindsey have parted ways and are no longer together. Having decided on Decision Day to remain married, they began work on their home so they could move in together. But an explosive argument soon turned things upside down, and things seemed to go downhill from there. Also, in the season 14 reunion episode, Mark and Lindsey kept blaming each other for their failed relationship.

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While Mark mentioned that Lindsey threatened and bullied him, the latter said that Mark didn’t contribute much to their relationship. With no way out, the couple decided that breaking up would be the best decision. Since their divorce, Mark and Lindsey have lived independently.

While Mark shared that he preferred to remain single for a while longer, Lindsey moved to Palo Alto, California to be away from her family. She also stated that she was actively looking for a life partner and did not want to remain friends with her ex-husband. All in all, we hope the future is brighter and happier for both Mark and Lindsey.