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Anne Heche reveals what her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres sparked in her in her posthumous memoir

September 16, 2022

A year before her death, Anne Heche had been writing her memoir Call Me Anne, in which she revealed some details about her romance with Ellen DeGeneres in the 1990s. As one of the first openly gay couples in Hollywood, the late actress revealed how it felt at the time.

The Hollywood Reporters published some excerpts from the posthumous book, which is a sequel to her 2001 memoir Call Me Crazy. After being verbally abused, Anne Heche seemed to doubt herself, but still fought for the love she believed in.

The award-winning star claimed she was called outrageous for falling in love with a woman. Personally, she didn’t identify as a lesbian – she just fell in love.

It was, to put it bluntly, just as weird for me as for anyone, she wrote. She also couldn’t describe how she felt, and both the terms lesbian and straight didn’t fit her.

Sometimes she thought that the term strange was the best way to describe her since she had no idea what, why and how she fell in love with a person regardless of their gender. Heche added that she would have liked to have answered questions about it, but nobody dared ask.

Therefore, she is glad that she can tell about it in her upcoming memoirs. Sadly, her relationship with DeGeneres, which lasted three years, resulted in her being blacklisted in Hollywood when her career was just booming, so HollywoodLife.

Alternatively, DeGeneres mourned the death of her former friend. In a tweet, she called the timing of Heche’s passing a sad day and sent all her love to Heche’s children, family and friends.

Meanwhile, Jarred Weisfeld, the president of New Jersey-based Start Publishing, told the AP about it Entertainment Weeklythat he signed a contract with Heche in May. She then turned it into a manuscript before her death.

She was pronounced brain dead on August 12 after suffering serious injuries in a fiery car accident in Los Angeles. She was 53 years old.

In addition to her romance with DeGeneres, Call Me Ann will also explore her relationship with her Six Days Seven Nights co-star Harrison Ford, who became her mentor. She also shares her encounter with producer Harvey Weinstein, her relationship with God, and other personal stories, prompts, and poems. Call Me Ann will hit book shelves in January 2023.