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Anime news for Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 13

June 24, 2021

Fruits Basket Fruits Basket season 3 ended after all of the Soma family’s problems were solved with the help of Tohru. Tohru thought that she had nothing left in the Soma family, but things changed after a candid conversation with Akito. Akito opens up and the two resolve their dispute. She explained how jealous she was that Tohru received all the love from the Soma family. Let’s see what the final episode of Fruits Basket season 3 has to offer. The episode begins with Yuki running outside after receiving a call.

Yuki tells his interlocutor that he is about to arrive. The person answering the call is Machi, and he wonders why Yuki is in a hurry. Haru and Shigure are stunned, wondering where Yuki has gone. The two meet, but Machi offers Yuki a gift to give Tohru. Machi comments that he finds it strange that he is visiting him and realizes that Yuki can do the job. She appreciates the way Yuki and Tohru treat everyone. Yuki realizes that Machi is the maid and puts her hand on her cheek, saying that she is happy to have found her.

Yuki tells Machi that there is something he wants to tell him, but he heard a voice telling him that he was the last. The “voice” thanks him, and the chains that bind the world of the Zodiac are broken. Yuki sheds tears and apologizes to Machi for crying in front of her. Yuki opens up about the fact that he has parted ways with someone who has always been close to him. Machi asks Yuki if he will be able to see these people again and he says no. An image of a human dressed in white appears in Yuki’s mind.

Previously on fruits basket season 3 Episode 12

Yuki reveals that these people have given her freedom and kisses Machi in public. The citizens wonder if it is two lovers who are united. Yuki tells him that he wanted to say something to him, but that was enough for him. Machi responds that she also has something to say. For the first time, Machi says Yu-ki, and he holds her chin and tells her to say it again. Machi says Yuki’s name without scratching. Yuki covers Machi with kisses after she calls him Yuki. The audience is stunned and covers his mouth with his hand.

Yuki tells her that they can kiss again, while Akito realizes that she is alone. Akito looks out the window and remembers the day he asked Shigure if he loved her. Meanwhile, Hatori confronts Yuki asking Shigure for news and discovers that Shigure has not returned home. Hitori notes that adults continue to roam than children. Haru adds that they are all here, and they all know that Akito summoned them. Kyo is on his way home and Momiji cheats on him by taking a picture of him when a girl kisses him.

Akito is a girl

Momiji comments that cheaters are rubbish while Yuki talks to Haru about her relationship with Kyo. Yuki thought things would go wrong after the Curse of the Zodiac was broken, but they all matured. Haru replies that this is why I love you, and Yuki says that Rin is listening to him. Ayame intervenes and says that she is still looking at Yuki. Haru walks over to Rin and brushes her head. Ayame continues with a brotherly speech and says, “There is no need to fear red lights if we are all crossing together.”

Yuki comments that it is not a proverb and everyone gets into the pipe except the trio. Kyo asks if Akito is her, and Ayame replies: “Said the late man, Kyonkichi.” The maid arrives and interferes with Ayame’s speech and says that Akito is ready to talk to them. Akito walks into the room, and the girls are like “eh” noticing that she is wearing girlish clothes with red lips. They don’t know that Akito is a girl, and asks Hatori for news of Shigure. Kisa yells that Akito has adopted his habit of dressing up.

Akito remembers the time Shigure told him that he was giving him a present for the party. Akito slaps Shiogure and asks why she is abandoning him. Shigure replies that he never said he was abandoning her and that he means that she will separate and become the Akito that her father always wanted. Akito reveals the truth to everyone, and they were shocked that she was a girl. Later, Kyo and Tohru visit the Honda family cemetery and announce that he will be leaving here when he graduates. Tohru replies that she won’t wait for him and is going with him.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date

The latest release date for Fruits Basket season 3 episode 13 is June 29, 2021. You can watch Fruits Basket season 3 online on Crunchyroll.