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And Just Like That Season 1 Finale Release Date, Time and Spoilers

January 28, 2022

The first season of Just Like That is nearing its finale, and Carrie is still unsure about her love life. She doesn’t want to part with her wedding ring just yet. Despite these blocks, she goes on a date. The man seems like a real gentleman and they get along well. Steve, on the other hand, shows up to check on Miranda, who is fully committed to Che. To find out more about what happens in Episode 9, check out the synopsis. And now we’re going to tell you everything we know about Episode 10!

And just like that… Season 1 finale release date

‘And Just Like That…’ Episode 10 will air February 3, 2022 at 3 p.m. ET on HBO Max. If you want to watch the finals live, tune in at the above date and time.

Where to watch And Just Like That… Season 1 Finale online?

You can watch And Just Like That… Episode 10 as soon as it airs on HBO Max, provided you have a subscription to the platform. You can also watch the last episode on DirecTV, YouTubeTVHulu+Live TV and XfinityStream see. As the series is exclusively available through the streaming service, these are the only options available at the moment.

And just like that… spoilers for the season 1 finale

Entitled ‘Seeing the Light’, Episode 10 will focus on Carrie as she decides to put her past behind her. She will make major changes in her life after realizing she doesn’t want to continue moping like Steve does. His decision never to take off his ring causes her to think about her own future. So the finale could hold some romantic revelations if Carrie decides to get back in the game.

Miranda’s well-being is also on Carrie’s list of concerns. Carrie will have doubts about Che’s current state of mind. Charlotte and Lily’s relationship has also suffered, so the finale could address Charlotte’s pregnancy talk or shed light on her apparent menopause.

And just like that… Episode 9 Recap

In the ninth episode entitled ‘No Strings Attached’, Carrie dives back into the dating pool. However, she still wears her wedding ring, which means she still hasn’t moved on. She spends the evening with Seema, who reveals that she is happily single. Meanwhile, Miranda and Che fail to cement their momentum despite being mutually exclusive. Carrie’s rendezvous with Peter falls apart due to her bond with her ex-husband. She refuses to take the ring off her finger and Peter understands her feelings.

During the women’s shelter’s painting session, Steve shows up to please Miranda, but is trying to figure out what she’s up to in terms of her love life. Carrie tells him that Miranda has something serious going on with Che. However, as the conversation progresses, Carrie accidentally knocks over a paint tray and drops her wedding ring down the drain. Steve gets it for her and admits he’ll never take his own wedding ring off his finger.

Elsewhere, Nya’s husband Andre tells Nya that he wants to have children. It’s time he stopped telling himself otherwise. Charlotte, meanwhile, struggles to help Lily through her puberty. Although Seema is determined to remain single, her life is never short of opportunities. She is approached by a club owner who lets her and Carrie into his club. At the end, Carrie surprisingly takes off her ring and leaves Peter a message.