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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Sequel: Movie’s Producer Hints at Possibility of Second Movie – But When?

December 7, 2022

For three years, fans have been waiting for the sequel to Alita: Battle Angel. Thankfully, one of the film’s producers has finally given an update on the possibility of directing the second film.

Alita: Battle Angel is originally a manga series by Yukito Kishiro that was published in Shueisha’s Business Jump magazine from 1990 to 1995 under the title Battle Angel Alita. The live-action film adaptation was a success, which caused fans to wait for the Alita: Battle Angel sequel until one of the producers and writers, James Cameron, signed on to take on other projects such as Avatar: The Way of Water to produce.

Given the many years that fans have been waiting for the second version of the film, the question is whether there will be a sequel. Luckily, the film’s producer, Jon Landau, revealed that the team would love to talk about a possible second film.

In an interview with deadline at the premiere of Avatar: The Water Path, Landau revealed they would love to return and make a sequel to the cyberpunk sci-fi action film. In fact, he had spoken to the director of the first film, Robert Rodriguez, about it and hoped it would materialize.

So when can fans see the Alita: Battle Angel sequel? Landau explained that if he gave a timeline, it would be something he would later poke fun at.

ScreenRant Explained that it could be a while before the second film can be seen after it was released amid Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, which puts him in an odd position. Disney wasn’t involved in the film’s development, although it was one of the Fox films that did well after the merger.

Disney has always been interested in creating and continuing successful franchises, but the Alita: Battle Angel sequel doesn’t seem to be among their priorities. Why actually? Maybe it’s because of the busy schedules of the film’s leads, like Cameron.

The legendary filmmaker is giving his full attention to the Avatar franchise, which is in development with Avatar: The Way of Water and subsequent sequels. Rodriguez is also busy with other things like working on several movies for Netflix and rebooting the Spy Kid franchise.

With their busy schedules, no one will care about the development of the Alita: Battle Angel sequel. So while there are plans for it, it could be years before it finally happens.