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Al Roker’s health: Today weather presenter has reportedly improved after being admitted to hospital

December 1, 2022

Al Roker is reportedly back in the hospital a day after being discharged on Thanksgiving Day. NBC’s Today weather presenter is in poor health from blood clots, but is doing better.

Roker was reportedly taken to the hospital by ambulance after falling ill on Friday, November 25, a day after he failed to host the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in 27 years. At that point, he had just been discharged from his first hospitalization of the month.

sources told Page Sixthat the 68-year-old presenter’s wife, Deborah Roberts, was in a panic when the ambulance took her husband away. The insider added that the author was taken out of his home on a stretcher.

The tipster claimed Roberts tried to break into her Tesla to get her phone and other belongings so she could follow the TV star to the north Manhattan hospital after the car malfunctioned and wouldn’t unlock. She attempted to smash the glass in the front of the car with the help of a neighbor outside her Upper East Side home, but to no avail.

She was understandably upset. The TV journalist friend had just taken a taxi to the hospital with her daughter.

Thankfully, the sources have claimed that despite his worrying condition, Roker is doing better after being back in the hospital. His family reportedly surrounded him.

Due to his current health condition, the occasional 3rd Hour Today anchor also missed the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting, which took place on Wednesday October 30th.

In a post on Instagram on Nov. 18, Roker revealed he was being treated for blood clots after first being hospitalized earlier in the month. In his caption to a photo with a bouquet of flowers, he responded to the question of his whereabouts.

He then said he was hospitalized due to a blood clot in his leg, which led to some clots in his lungs. Fortunately, after a medical hiccup, he received excellent medical care and is on the mend.

Roker thanked his well-wishers and the prayers he had received and hoped to see everyone again soon. He later shared with his fans in another update that he was released in time for the holidays.

He called the preparations for leaving the hospital his version of the Thanksgiving Day Parade as he walked the hospital corridors. Roker also expressed how grateful he was to be able to go home on Thanksgiving Day.