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Aespa again accused of lip synchronicity: debating netizens

December 13, 2021

aespa’s appearance on the US talk show The Nick Cannon Show causes a huge controversy because they allegedly sang their number lip-synched. There is even an online forum where internet users debate whether or not Karina, Ningning, Winter and Giselle are singing live.

Some viewers are now questioning aespa’s recent appearances on various American TV shows. Is that lip-syncing or not?

The Savage hitmaker is the first K-pop artist to appear on Nick Cannon’s talk show. One internet user found it inappropriate to see their performance lip-synchronic, as reported by AllKpop.

The online user even claimed that they did not appear live on The Kelly Clarkson Show either, just spinning the gig’s VCR instead of making it personal.

The viewer wondered why the girls couldn’t put a little more effort into singing live. Claiming that aespa was one of the most talented K-pop girl groups, fans asked why it was so difficult for them not to lip-synch, especially when they knew US viewers didn’t like it.

As of this writing, this post has 848 positive votes Natepan and only 70 negative votes. Other internet users can’t help but leave a comment on this post saying that aespa doesn’t get international recognition because they always do lip-sync.

Another said that Karina, Ningning, Winter and Giselle only make it big in the US if they have real talent. A fan speaks up and says that Lee Soo-man claims lip-syncing is a genre of its own.

This is not the first time that aespa has been accused of not singing live. After their win at SBS’s Inkigayo, they were suspected of lip-synching the performance of their new song Savage, according to KpopStarz.

To dispel the malicious claim, the station’s YouTube channel released their encore, in which they showed off their incredible singing skills and performed live.

The girls are often suspected of lip syncing as they demonstrate the same live skills as the sound source. This leads to criticism, especially of the lead singer NingNing.

However, their encore proves that they can sing live and even have a great voice with their ad-lib compared to the sound source. NingNing and Winter achieve the notes with little effort, while Karina and Giselle put their rap skills in the foreground. Unsurprisingly, aespa receives heaps of praise, with some asking if they ate a proper CD for perfect singing.