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Aaron Carter is said to have reconciled with many people before his death, including his older brother, Nick Carter

November 8, 2022

Aaron Carter and his older brother Nick Carter had a misunderstanding, but they are said to have hit it off well before the former teen pop singer died on Saturday November 5. He was 34 years old.

Nick celebrated his younger brother’s life by paying an emotional tribute to him in a post on Instagram on Sunday, November 6th. Whatever happened between the two, the Backstreet Boys member clearly loves his sibling.

The rep for the Crush on You hitmaker told opposite HollywoodLifethat Aaron made amends with many people before his untimely death. He even reconciled with Nick and made peace.

Aaron loved his brother and even looked up to him in a number of ways. They were about to make amends, but then this tragic incident happened.

Nick, on the other hand, paid tribute to Aaron with a slideshow of their pictures together the day after his death. He said that while they had a complicated relationship, his love for him never ended.

He always hoped that one day Aaron would want to walk a healthy path and find the help he desperately needed. He then labeled addiction and mental illness as the real villains in Aaron’s demise.

Nick then confessed that he will miss his brother more than anyone could have guessed. I love you Chizz, he said, adding that he could now find the peace he couldn’t find here on earth. i love you little brother

Nick and Arron had a physical altercation on their reality TV show House of Carters, which underscored their rivalry. Their feud reignited in 2019 when Aaron posted a clip of their brawl to social media.

Nick claimed Aaron confessed to him the thought of killing his pregnant wife and unborn child, prompting Nick to protect himself and his family. Aaron denied the claim, stating he never considered harming anyone.

Nick apologized, and the two reunited later in the year after Aaron was hospitalized for an unknown reason.

Meanwhile, police found evidence Aaron sniffed compressed air after finding several cans in his bathroom and bedroom, along with some prescription pills. However, the cause of his drowning death is still unclear.

Law enforcement sources of TMZ said Aaron was last seen alive on Friday, November 4th around 2am. The insiders claimed that the housekeeper answered the door when police arrived to conduct a welfare check, although no one knew who called her.

Upon hearing this, Aaron asked her to leave and told the housekeeper not to bother him. The next day, the housekeeper went to his room to offer him coffee, but she heard his dog going crazy in the room, so she opened the door and found Aaron’s lifeless body in the bathtub.