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86 Episode 19 spoilers, recap, release date and time

November 23, 2021

86 is based on the light novel of the same name and is an action-drama anime series that is currently in 2. It is the story of two countries divided by wars, namely San Mongolia and Giad. In the midst of this war, the main protagonist Shin finds himself in a conflict-ridden situation in which he has to survive at all costs.

Shin commands a juggernaut fighting the enemies of the republic, the legions. He comes from Area 86, an abandoned place in the republic where people are treated like disposable items. 86 is the story of Shin, who emigrated from area 86 and found true freedom. Let’s talk about the 86 episode 19 spoilers, release date and time.

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86 Episode 18 Recap

In the repeat of episode 86, episode 18, Northern Lights charges up all supplies and prepares for the great battle. It is the last hour of the war and if they don’t hold out, their very existence could be in jeopardy.


The freed Giad do not have many resources to use in combat. Nordlicht is well aware of this, as is Grethe, who receives permission to use the after-eater. The Nachzuhrer is a pretty competent ground-effect plane, and the team will be using it for transportation.

The use of slow helicopters had slowed their progress in previous cases, so it was evident that a much faster mode of transport was needed. With Nechzehrer, they got a device that could solve their problems in preparation for the attack.

Prepare for the final attack

Grethe decides to pilot the new airplane, which is obvious since he is the only person who still has some ability to fly. Meanwhile, Federica tries to convince Shin not to embark on this suicide mission, but he does not allow himself to be dissuaded from his decision.

After her attempts, Federica fails to convince Shin. She just worries that Shin may never return from this expedition. Zimmerman also has the same thought, but he also understands that there is nothing he can do to prevent this operation.

It begins

After all is cleared, Zimmerman vows to destroy the world if Shin and the others don’t return alive. Everyone is preparing to infiltrate the enemy base. The Federation Forces begin the attack by attacking the Legions as a diversionary strategy, which does some damage to their defense system.

Then Nachzehrer comes into play, controlled by Grethe, who takes on the Morpho. Shin is determined to survive this event as well as possible. As he goes into the field, he hears Kiriya’s voice and smiles subtly.

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86 Episode 19 spoilers

In the spoilers for episode 86, Episode 19, the episode is titled As It Is and it will likely end the ongoing war between the forces of the Legion and the Federation Army. We might witness a great battle in the next episode.

Attack on Morpho

The goal of the suicide mission is clear: overthrow the Morpho and save the people. Shin and the others know very well that their chances of survival are minimal. But they also know that they would rather die on the battlefield than die a pathetic death.

The fight against Morpho will be chaotic and they will lose even more lives. But for the Federation and its people to survive, they must end the wrath of the Republic. Only through this victory can they free themselves and attain true freedom.

86 Watch Episode 19 Online

You can watch 86 episode 19 online at Crunchyroll see. Note that you will need to subscribe to the official platform in order to stream the episode.

86 Episode 19 Release Date and Time

Here is the 86 episode 19 release date and time.

  • Japan – 00:00 AM, November 21
  • USA / Canada – 10:00 AM, November 20th
  • India – 8:30 PM, November 20th
  • UK – 4:00 PM, November 20th
  • Europe (CEST) – 5:00 am, November 20th

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