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86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 5 Release Date

May 6, 2021

Commander Lena has had conversations with Spearhead, but she still wants the 86 to be treated like humans. Her co-workers have different ideas about her regarding the spearhead. Kureha notices that Shin and Lena are starting to date. He wonders what is happening between the two. She starts to get jealous and tries to separate them as she is also interested in Shin. The latest episode updates are titled Real Name. Kureha is angry that her parents died in the war.

She blames Lena and Shin for the death of her parents. Kaie recently learned that there are 86 Villains and Albas who are heroes. Later, Lena works with a new map of the battlefield to help Spearhead during the battle. Kaie confronts Lena and asks her about the 86s and why she became so fond of them. Lena tells Kaie about the last battle she was in and how the 86 saved her life. That day, Lena recognized the 86 as humans, not fighting the androids.

Previously on 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 4

Kaie realizes that Lena is too attached to 86 and Fer de Lance. She tells him to take one step at a time and tells him to transfer it because his faith will come back to haunt her. After a few weeks, another battle begins, and Lena uses the cards she was working on earlier to help the spearhead, and they are placed in the top position. The battle did not last long, but Lena and Fer de Lance were victorious. Unfortunately, Kaie’s Juggernaut is destroyed and crushed, resulting in Kaie’s death after the enemy unit is attacked.

Lena believes that she is responsible for Kaie’s death because she was unable to protect her. She regrets not seeing the enemies arrive and apologizes to Spearhead for Kaie’s death. Theo misunderstood the situation and confronted Lena. Theo scolds Lena and tells her that he has been pretending to love 86 and Spearhead ever since he let Kaie die at their hands. He deduces that Lena is faking it and that her love is fake. She also tells him that she is safe in luxury, but that she let her comrade die.

Thoe realizes that Lena doesn’t even know their names and is calling them codenames. He scolds Lena for it, and she is careless, she doesn’t even know their real names. Lena fell silent after hearing all this, but she knows that the real name is confidential at work. Thoe was punished with the spearhead for jumping to conclusions without knowing what happened. But they agreed with what Theo said. They punished him after realizing that his approach to the problem was inappropriate.

Pinhead is convinced that Lena will decide to transfer after everything is transferred. They decided to let Lena take the time to make a decision, as she still believes in 86. Later, she met her uncle and Annette. They talked about 86 and the two realized that Lena still thinks 86 are human. After their discussion, he gets in touch with Shin and apologizes for everything that happened. Lena asks Shin to tell her the real names of the spearhead members.

Shin reveals that it has become a custom for the surviving member of his original unit to preserve the memories and names of members killed in the war so that they will not be forgotten. He also reveals that he has been doing this for a long time and has collected 561 names so far. They are all dead, and Lena realizes that this is why Shin is an undertaker. Shin connects Lena, all the Spearhead members, and Lena apologizes.

Lena asks them to tell her their real names and she will also tell them her real name. They accept your apologies and allow you to be their Handler. They tell Lena that they will be safe behind the walls of the Republic as long as they are under her command. Later that night, Lena communicates with Shin again. She realizes that Shin hasn’t told her his real name. Shin tells her his real name, and she asks him about the man named Shourei Nouzen, and he says that Shourei is his brother.

86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 5 Release Date

86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 5 will be released on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 12:00 pm JST. You can watch 86 EIGHTY-SIX online on Crunchyroll.