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8 shows like Welcome To Flatch you have to see

January 7, 2023

‘Welcome To Flatch’ is the mockumentary adaptation of the British sitcom ‘This Country’. The series is a hilarious look into the lives of cousins ​​Shrub Mallet (Sam Straley) and Kelly (Chelsea Holmes), as well as some eccentric members of the community going about their daily lives. One is effortlessly drawn into the small-town atmosphere and sympathizes with the silly pranks of the characters, most notably the main couple, who are accompanied by a documentary crew as they overcome their personal problems and pursue their goals.

Jenny Bicks’ creation is a mockumentary, meaning it is shot in a way that resembles a documentary but is a mockery of the genre. So you can’t help but laugh as the wacky coincidences unfold on screen, laced with quirky humor. If you’re immersed in the world of Welcome To Flatch and love the mockumentary genre, we’ve got a list of similar shows to tickle your funny bone. You can watch most of these shows comparable to Welcome To Flatch on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. This Country (2017-2020)

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‘This Country’ is the British series that inspired ‘Welcome To Flatch’. It was developed and co-written by Charlie Cooper and Daisy May Cooper, the two real-life siblings who also star in the series. However, in the series, they play each other’s cousins ​​as they go about their daily lives, doing random things and interacting with quirky supporting characters. As good as the American adaptation is, the original series has a certain authenticity because the characters are actual siblings and the series was filmed in Costwolds, a village where they actually grew up.

7. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis (2008-)

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‘Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis’ isn’t really a TV series, it’s a celebrity interview show. These aren’t typical interviews, however, as Zach is mean, awkward, and boorish in all episodes, and the celebrities are involved. They stick to the script, take the taunts without letting their egos get in the way, and both parties go out of their way to put each other down (again, it’s all joking and consensual). Similar to Welcome To Flatch, creators Scott Auckerman, BJ Porter and Zach, and director Ruben Fleischer break away from conventional humor and redefine what it means to be funny.

6. American Vandals (2017-2018)

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Conceived by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda, American Vandal is a mockumentary series parodying true crime documentaries. In the series, Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and his friend Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) take a serious look at harmless high school pranks and nail the satirical comedy genre. Season 1 deals with the mystery behind the phallic drawings on teachers’ cars, while Season 2 deals with finding out who put the laxative maltitol in the soda pop at a Catholic private school.

Upon its release, the show received massive critical acclaim and a great response from audiences. With its brilliant lyrics and performances, American Vandal embodies the spirit of a brilliant mockumentary, similar to Welcome to Flatch but with a completely different theme.

5. What Do We Do In The Shadows (2019-)

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‘What Do We Do In The Shadows’ is a series about the daily lives of four roommates who are also vampires! Created by Jemaine Clement, this horror comedy is an absolute head flick as vampires try to navigate the modern world and interact with both humans and other mythical creatures like werewolves.

The creator has created this masterful comedy after the 2014 success of his and Taika Waititi’s New Zealand mockumentary film of the same name. The dark humor and snappy lyrics get sharper with each episode. Like most mockumentaries, Welcome To Flatch and What Do We Do In The Shadows create a unique sense of humor related to their circumstances.

4. Trailer Park Boys (2001-2008; 2014-2018)

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‘Trailer Park Boys’ is a mockumentary sitcom loved by many for its counter-intuitive style of filming with a potato camera and still making the most brilliant comedic sequences. The series revolves around the misadventures of residents who live in trailer parks, committing petty crimes every episode to get rich and high. Series creator Mike Clattenburg makes sure you enjoy the characters’ idiosyncratic behavior down to the last detail. Like Welcome To Flatch, the series is all about the shenanigans of quirky but lovable characters, and is a prime example of finding comedy in tragedy.

3. Letterkenny (2016-)

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‘Letterkenny’ is perhaps the closest comparison to ‘Welcome To Fatch’ as ​​it is also about two siblings living in a rural town trying to make ends meet. Creator Jared Keeso also plays one of the leads, Wayne, who runs a farm with his sister Katy (Michelle Mylett). Each episode focuses on problems the townsfolk face and how they deal with them. The jokes are fast paced, funny and intelligently done. Each character in the series has the ability to form puns, clever one-liners, banter, and shrewd points of view. This approach breaks away from the stereotypical notion that people in rural areas are less competent.

2. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005-)

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‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ follows a group of selfish misfits who run a failing Irish bar. Janitor Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day), bartender Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton), bouncer Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Dennis’ twin sister Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) describe themselves as part the gang and make pointless plans to get rich.

The behavior of the crew members is highly narcissistic and selfish, disregarding their surroundings, which often puts them in horrible situations. Series creator Rob McElhenney has a knack for dark comedy and pulls it off effortlessly. The series explores a risky genre of comedy that might not have worked, but somehow feels as effortless as Welcome To Flatch.

1. The Office (2005-2013)

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‘The Office’ is one of the most popular and well-known mockumentaries. The US version is based on the British sitcom of the same name by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Developed by Greg Daniels for American audiences, the series has garnered exceptional ratings and amassed a cult-like following. Set at a mediocre paper company called Dunder Mifflin, it’s a workplace comedy with eccentric characters.

The focus is on boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell), who is not very bright but constantly tries to be smart and funny, which is the high point of the crime comedy. Dwight Shrute (Rainn Wilson) is a salesman who takes his job seriously but is constantly being teased by Jim Halper (John Krasinski), who plays the role of the office prankster. Each character has their quirks, and they all come together to create this iconic and hilarious comedy show. Welcome To Flatch is also an adaptation of a British mockumentary that has the potential to become as popular as The Office.