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8 Shows Like Tulsa King You Must See

December 20, 2022

The crime series Tulsa King traces the path of mob leader Dwight The General Manfredi. From exile and imprisonment to founding his own empire after many years, the series focuses on his experiences in Tulsa. He later realizes that his mafia family has ulterior motives, so he begins to build a loyal crew. And after devoting most of his life to family, he becomes furious when he sees what he gets in return.

The Paramount+ series was developed by Taylor Sheridan. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Andrea Savage and Martin Starr, the series offers a glimpse into the world of crime and the mafia. She shows that loyalty and honesty are only virtues when they benefit you. Also, the gangster story gets uglier as the series progresses, but it keeps viewers engaged. If you want to watch series revolving around the lives of gangsters and their rise to power, then the following suggestions are perfect for you. You can watch most of these series similar to Tulsa King on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. The Sopranos (1999 – 2017)

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The crime series The Sopranos revolves around Tony Sopranos, a mob boss in New Jersey. Due to the increasing pressure in both his private and professional life, he seeks professional help for his mental health. His personal and business life has a lasting impact on his health. As a successful mafia boss, he has to deal with many problems that make his path difficult. Starring James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco, the series features realistic characters and storylines. Many of Tony Soprano’s greatest enemies resemble Dwight from Tulsa King. After spending decades in prison, they all want to be in on the action, just like Dwight. Like Dwight, they have little regard for the younger people who are now in charge.

7. Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014)

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The mix of politics and mafia influence makes the Boardwalk Empire series very interesting. This crime drama follows the double antics of an Atlantic City politician. During the Prohibition era, the leading politician appears to be making deals with gangsters to get his job done. Terence Winter created this popular series. Mafia content lovers will enjoy seeing historical figures like Al Capone, Lucky Lucian and Meyer Lansky getting into all sorts of trouble. No matter how many power players there are, Enoch Thompson rules Atlantic City just as Dwight Manfredi rules Tulsa. The two characters are very similar in their operations and way of acting.

6. Queen of the South (2016-2021)

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Created by MA Fortin and Joshua John Miller, the crime drama series Queen of the South revolves around Teresa after she fled her homeland. After her boyfriend’s murder, she remains on the run and goes to Dallas. With her quest for revenge and success, Teresa works to become the most powerful drug smuggler in the country. Tulsa King tells the story of a criminal who is forced to start anew far from home. Queen of the South’s Teresa Mendoza, like the general, lost her former life fleeing a drug cartel in her native Mexico to America and building her criminal organization. Consequently, like the general, Teresa has given up everything and finds herself in a strange land inhabited by people she cannot entirely trust.

5. Godfather Of Harlem (2019 – Present)

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The crime drama is set in the criminal world of the 1960s and follows the life of Bumpy Johnson. The gangster works in Harlem and has to deal with the dirtiest criminals. The series also serves as a prequel to the 2007 film American Gangster. The film follows the life of Frank Lucas. Developed by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein, The Godfather of Harlem series is perhaps more realistic, successfully blending politics and organized crime. The series sheds light on the murky dealings of historical figures like Malcolm X and President Lyndon Johnson. Also, both Bumpy and Dwight embark on a journey to build their empire after being betrayed.

4. Gangs Of London (2020 – Present)

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Crime drama Gangs of London witnesses the drift in London as turbulent forces rise to power. Both local and international gangs compete to climb to the top. After the assassination of one of the most powerful crime families in the region, there is a power vacuum. The exciting series was developed by Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery. Many movies and TV series focus on a single mobster gang, but Gangs Of London takes it a step further by involving many factions. Also, most of the characters’ brutality is just as harsh as Dwight’s retaliation for anyone who gets in his way.

3. Magic City (2012-2013)

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The crime drama is set in Miami in the late 1950s and revolves around mafia bosses and other supporting characters in the area. The Mafiosi and their crew work on the beaches of Miami in the series. Created by Mitch Glazer, the series enjoys the Miami setting and timeline to show the true aspects of the mafia bosses in that era. Also, both Dwight in Tulsa King and Ike in Magic City stress that decent gangsters should dress well. There’s a subtle fashion cue from the hotel owner in every episode, though it’s not the only salient feature. Also, the performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the lead, is commendable and the setting is typically sensual and aesthetically attractive.

2. Lilyhammer (2012-2014)

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The Netflix series Lilyhammer follows another gangster, this time a New York mob boss named Frank Tagliano, who begins a new life far from home after being granted witness protection. After testifying against his former boss, he is placed in the witness protection program and taken to Lillehammer, Norway. The comedy crime series was developed by Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjørnstad. Both Dwight and Frank undergo one Sabbatical from work and interested in making a comeback.

1. Jett (2019)

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Daisy Jett Kowalski, a well-known burglar, has recently been released from prison and is being pushed back into the life that got her there by a gang of strange and deadly criminals. With its sharp imagery, non-stop action and brilliant performers like Carla Gugino and Giancarlo Esposito, Gus Fring, Jett is sure to appeal to new viewers. The crime series was developed by Sebastian Gutierrez. Daisy and Dwight both have had the experience of getting out of prison and then immediately going back to crime. Also, both are ready to get back into action as they haven’t experienced any form of discipline in their respective prisons.