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8 shows like From Scratch you have to see

October 22, 2022

The Netflix series From Scratch is a romantic drama that tells the story of Amy and Lino. It begins with a sweet meeting and a passionate love affair that enthralls viewers. But as romantic as the series is, it breaks our hearts when tragedy strikes Amy and Lino. By the end of the series, the story turns out to be much more than a simple love story between two people. It becomes a story about the bond between families as it plunges into the murky waters of grief and loss. If after watching this movie you feel like watching more series that touch you emotionally, then we’ve put together just the right list for you. Here are series similar to From Scratch that you can watch on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming services.

8. The End (2020- )

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Death is a complicated subject, especially when it comes to the question of choice. In From Scratch, when Lino sees that no amount of medication can change his fate, he and Amy decide that the best thing would be to let go and bring him home to spend the rest of his days in peace with his family family can spend. The decision to decline any further treatment is much easier to understand in this case, but if you want something that takes a more complex path then you should check out The End. It tells the story of a doctor who is strictly against euthanasia and her angry mother who is for it. The series focuses on the personal lives of the two and treats the subject of death from a very intimate angle.

7. Life & Beth (2022- )

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Credit: Scott McDermott/Hulu

The semi-autobiographical story Life & Beth stars Amy Schumer as Beth, a woman who reflects on the events that shaped her life. Although the series is more of a comedy, it delves deep into the emotions of the protagonist and offers the audience some very self-reflective moments. Despite being very different in storyline from From Scratch, it has similar underlying emotions as the Netflix series and instills viewers with some tongue-in-cheek moments.

6. Sorry For Your Loss (2018-2019)

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Photo credit: Beth Dubber/Facebook Watch

If Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of the grieving Wanda in WandaVision hasn’t left you heartbroken, then her portrayal in Sorry For Your Loss surely will. The play tells the story of a woman named Leigh, played by Olsen, whose life changes completely after the death of her husband. The show shows the grief caused by the protagonist’s emotional breakdown and leaves the audience in tears most of the time. It’s also perfect for watching after From Scratch, as it picks up the process of grief and healing right where the Netflix series left off.

5. Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

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If one season of From Scratch isn’t enough to explore the themes of love, family, death and grief, you should check out Six Feet Under with its five seasons. The story centers on the Fisher family and begins with the death of the patriarch, who leaves his children a funeral home to continue. Each episode begins with a different death, causing both characters and viewers to reflect on their own lives, the different forms death takes, and how the definition of loss goes well beyond simple acts of dying to ponder.

4. Parenthood (2010-2015)

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Based on Ron Howard’s 1989 film of the same name, Parenthood tells the story of the Braverman family. It spans three generations and focuses on their personal struggles and their complicated relationships with one another. This series is perfect for anyone who found the family aspect of From Scratch more likable than any other aspect of the series. Even though the Netflix series is mostly about Amy and Lino, their families become an active part of their lives, which is further proof that no man is an island. Extrapolating this theme, one finds the story of Parenthood.

3. A Million Little Things (2018- )

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In From Scratch, Amy and Lino face many difficulties in their personal and professional lives, but they are ready to take on any challenge as long as they move forward. Their steps are stopped when suddenly cancer enters their lives and changes everything. For the rest of his life, Lino and Amy live under the shadow of cancer and Lino’s impending death. As much as they can prepare for the inevitable, death still shocks them. In A Million Little Things we follow the story of a group who are completely unprepared for the news of their friend’s suicide. This shocking turn of events forces them to reassess their own lives and confront their own mortality as they process their grief.

2. After Life (2019-2022)

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Credit: Ray Burmiston/Netflix

Death itself is not so painful. It’s love that makes it worse. It was Amy’s love for Lino that broke her heart when he died and she felt like her whole world had stopped. After such a loss, how can you even move on? How can you find the will to move on with your life? After Life focuses on that feeling. It’s the kind of show that makes you smile and cry at the same time.

It follows the story of a man named Tony who has lost the love of his life. His wife was the only person who gave his life meaning, and with her death he starts counting the days until he too leaves the world. In the first season, After Life functions more as a comedy with an undertone of sadness that at times brings tears to your eyes. In its second and third seasons, the show gradually ditches the laughter and focuses fully on Tony’s grief as he loses more and more of the people who were dear to him are important.

1. This Is Us (2016-2022)

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Everyone needs a good tear every now and then, and it’s shows like From Scratch that tug at our feelings and bring tears to the best of us. However, the Netflix series confines its sadness to the second half of the series, particularly the last two episodes. If you want something that will really challenge your tear ducts and make you cry until your tears run dry, then This Is Us is for you. The series is known for making its audience cry so consistently that there is hardly an episode that doesn’t shed tears. The series follows the story of the Pearson family and takes place in two timelines. With Jack we get a person who is both romantic and tragic, much like Lino. With each season, the series raises the bar and leaves you with a heavy heart every time.