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8 Shows Like Fauda You Must See

January 20, 2023

8 Shows Like Fauda You Must See

Created by Maria Feldman and Amit Cohen, the show shows how these individuals are left to their own devices with no support from Mossad or the Israeli government. Even the people close to them begin to doubt their credibility. Like Fauda, ​​the fast-paced action thriller is set against the backdrop of the political unrest in Israel as the main characters grapple with the challenges.

7. SEZ (2017-2019)

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Set in Turkey, Söz or The Oath follows the life of Yavuz, a special forces commander who and his team of 12 try to apprehend those behind a terrorist attack that killed his fiancee. Similar to Fauda, ​​the action-packed thriller series portrays the close camaraderie of the elite force, who bravely thwart attacks by militants while hunting down their leader. She also follows the growing affection between Yavuz and Dr. Bahar giving up her luxuries and comforts to follow him in the chaotic life he has chosen.

6th Wolf (2018)

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Created by Alper Caglar, the Turkish-language miniseries is set in 2014, a time of rising tensions as Turkey faced serious border threats. The documentary-style action-thriller series on Netflix follows the life of an elite police unit named Wolf and their everyday challenges in areas that are also plagued by political unrest in real life. In addition to the tense situations in action, Wolf or Börü also deals with their personal dramas. Similar to Fauda, ​​the series shows the fight of an elite unit against terrorist groups in their country’s most difficult times.

5. Jack Ryan (2018-)

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Based on the popular character from Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse, Jack Ryan is an action-thriller political series about a CIA analyst and ex-Marine who is drawn into a complicated field operation to neutralize a terrorist organization planning a major attack. As with Fauda, ​​viewers are confronted with a two-sided perspective that depicts the lives of both parties to the conflict. The main characters in both series are people who chose to live a relatively peaceful life away from life-threatening projects, only to be lured back into it.

4. Strike Back (2010-2020)

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Seven years after being relieved of his post as a British Special Forces soldier, John Porter (Richard Armitage) is reactivated to rescue journalist Katie Dartmouth (Orla Brady) from the same terrorists in Iraq he fought in 2003. which led to his forced resignation. Like Fauda, ​​Strike Back was critically acclaimed for its realistic depiction of true events, despite following a fictional story arc.

The film is also based on the 2007 novel of the same name, written by former Special Air Service soldier Chris Ryan. Fauda’s creators, Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, also served in the Israel Defense Forces and drew inspiration from their own experiences.

3rd Rebellion (2016-2019)

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The historical novel series Rebellion revolves around the events after World War I in Dublin which led to social unrest and instability among the citizens. It’s about a group of friends with contrasting roles from different parts of the UK. The series was written and directed by Colin Teevan, directed by Aku Louhimies, and stars well-known actors such as Charlie Murphy and Ruth Bradley. Like Fauda, ​​the series is set against the backdrop of a disrupted social balance in a region.

2. Prisoners of War (2010-2012)

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Prisoners of War or Hatufim is about three Israeli soldiers, Nimrode, Uri and Amiel, who are released after 17 years of captivity in Lebanon. The film follows her struggle to redeem herself in a world that goes on without her. They also have to deal with the post-traumatic stress caused by years of torture in captivity. Created by Gideon Raff, the series was adapted into the popular Homeland series. The fast-paced Israeli thriller series is a must for anyone who can’t get enough of Fauda.

1. Tehran (2020-)

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Another genius work by Noah Stollman, the lead writer of Fauda, ​​is the Israeli television series Tehran, which won an International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. The focus is on the hacker and Mossad agent Tamar (Niv Sultan), who sneaks into Tehran under a false identity and is stuck in her new life. Now she must participate in a mission that will harm her loved ones back home. Tehran and Fauda share themes of classic Israeli political unrest interwoven with contemporary storylines.