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8 Shows Like Alice in Borderland You Must See

December 25, 2022

Based on Haro Aso’s manga series of the same name, Alice in Borderland is a Netflix survival action thriller series. It tells the story of a group of people trapped in a deserted and strange version of Tokyo, forced to play increasingly deadly games in order to survive. The four types of games are represented by four suits of cards. Spades represent physicality, diamonds represent intelligence, clubs represent teamwork, and hearts represent psychology. The number on the card indicates the difficulty of the game – the higher the number, the more dangerous the game.

While Season 1 is all about number cards, Season 2 shifts the focus to face cards. Meanwhile, the protagonist Ryohei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and his friends and allies try to complete all the challenges so they can return to their old world. If you’ve seen Alice in Borderland and liked it, here’s a list of recommendations that might suit your tastes. You can watch most of these series similar to Alice in the Frontier on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Max.

8. Liar Game (2014)

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Based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Shinobu Kaitan, Liar Game is a South Korean series that tells the story of an innocent young woman named Nan Do Chon (alternatively Nam Da Jung) who is struggling with mounting debts. Hoping to pay it off, she decides to take part in the eponymous reality show, where contestants play psychological games with each other to win £10 billion. To ensure her victory, Do Chon teams up with Cha Woo Jin, a brilliant con artist who has the rare ability to correctly tell when a person is lying to him. Both Liar Game and Alice in Borderland were originally written as manga before being adapted for the screen. They also share the same themes and genres, although there is a fantastical aspect to Alice in Borderland that Liar Game lacks.

7. Skyscraper Invasion (2021-)

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The only anime on this list is High-Rise Invasion, based on a manga series written by Tsuina Miura and illustrated by Takahiro Oba. Although Alice in Borderland also has an anime adaptation, it is an OVA that is three episodes long. Like the Netflix series, High-Rise Invasion takes place in an urban area in a parallel version of our world. The anime defines this as an abnormal space that has only the appearance of a city full of skyscrapers connected by suspension bridges. When high school student Yuri Honjou arrives there, she discovers that she must flee or kill a group of masked figures who are chasing her. Yuri soon finds out that her brother Rika is also in this strange world and they start helping each other by exchanging information.

6. Panic (2021)

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Created by Lauren Oliver based on her 2014 novel of the same name, Panic is a short-lived series starring Olivia Welch, Jessica Sula, and Mike Faist. The storyline follows 23 recent high school seniors as they enter the annual Panic contest in hopes of winning a $50,000 prize. Set in the fictional town of Carp, Texas, Panic shares many similarities with Alice in the Frontier, including desperation, hope, and a desire to survive. Like the game in the Japanese series, Panic (the game) is incredibly dangerous. It is reported that two people died while playing the game last summer.

5. Sweet Home (2020-)

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‘Sweet Home’ is a South Korean television series based on the 2017 webtoon of the same name by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan. The story revolves around the tenants of the Green Home apartment building who find that the world around them has suddenly turned hellish and people are turning into monsters. Although these monsters are an important aspect of the story, the focus in Sweet Home is on the interactions between the characters and how the different characters – human or monster – react to the circumstances. The story of Sweet Home and Alice on the Frontier has its roots in fantasy. Both series also have great action sequences and massive settings that do justice to the exciting plot.

4. The Purge (2018-2019)

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James DeMonaco’s anthology series The Purge is part of the franchise of the same name. The story takes place in an alternate version of America controlled by an authoritarian government. As in the movies, the government has allowed a 12-hour annual purge where all crimes are legal. The first season revolves around different characters that seem to have no connection to each other. As the night of the purge begins, these characters’ paths inevitably cross. The Purge shares a similar structure and seemingly dystopian setting to Alice in the Frontier and other entries on this list. And like Alice in the Frontier, The Purge explores the question of whether society and its norms only exist because a legal structure already exists.

3. 3% (2016-2020)

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Created by Pedro Aguilera, 3% is set in a dystopian unspecified future. A group of 20-year-olds hoping to escape the abject poverty of the heartland take part in a process known as The Process to be selected as residents of the privileged society offshore. The process is highly competitive and only 3% of all candidates make it through each year. The rest face a worse fate, including death. As in Alice in Wonderland, the world of 3% is bleak and cynical. And yet, as in Alice in the Frontier, there are characters who dare to hope.

2. Re: Mind (2017-2018)

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A Japanese series, ‘Re:Mind’ is complex and bold in its execution. The plot revolves around 11 high school girls waking up with bags over their heads and their feet pinned to the ground. When the bags are removed, they find they are in an old, European-style room and their captor appears to be limping. As the girls try to figure out what happened to them, begins to disappear one by one. Just like Alice on the Frontier, many of the mysteries on the show will only be revealed as the series progresses. ‘Re:Mind’ may not have the action sequences of ‘Alice on the Frontier’, but the psychological thriller aspect of the series makes up for it.

1. Squid Game (2021-)

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Credit: Noh Juhan/Netflix

Like Alice in the Border, Squid Game is a fun and action-packed series about a survival game, however, the game master in the Korean series is very human. The series follows 456 people who agree to compete in a series of children’s games in hopes of winning ₩45.6 billion. Even after discovering the games’ deadly twists, many continue to play because they have no other choice. Squid Game may seem like a run-of-the-mill survival show, but its open engagement with themes of classism, inequality of wealth, and exploitation of the underprivileged and disenfranchised is what makes the series remarkable.