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8 Must-See Movies Like The Menu

November 28, 2022

Directed by Mark Mylod, The Menu is a black horror comedy set on a remote island home to the exclusive Hawthorne restaurant and celebrity chef Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) and Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) are a couple who travel to this remote island along with some other guests. Once there, everyone realizes that the exquisite dishes are unlike anything else in the culinary world. Guests also realize that some shocking surprises await them, which will lead them down a treacherous path.

‘The Menu’ is a satire on the elite and fine dining. The film portrays how people perceive the concept of fine dining and how it is ultimately just a status symbol and nothing more. The presentation of this idea is dark, hilarious and violent at the same time. If you like such facets in stories, then we have a list of movies for you. You can watch most of these movies similar to The Menu on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. High Rise (2015)

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Based on the novel of the same name by JG Ballard, High-Rise is a psychological thriller about a tower block with all the luxuries a person could want and need. as dr Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) moves there, he discovers how the skyscraper and its inhabitants work and what the socio-economic hierarchy looks like. However, when the building’s services falter, chaos erupts and people turn against each other.

High-Rise portrays capitalism and classism as destructive forces that can decimate humanity. In the film, several scenes and events are symbolic of this idea. The overall narrative illustrates how people fall prey to capitalist wants and needs and eat each other up. In High-Rise and The Menu, the rich are represented in a similar way. In both cases, upper-class people are elitist and snobbish. While High-Rise’s amenities and exclusive parties suggest a status symbol, The Menu represents the same concept through fine dining.

7. Truth or Dare (2013)

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‘Truth or Dare’ is a film about college friends who make ‘Truth or Dare’ videos for the internet and give them their own violent twist. Things take a dark turn when the group meets an obsessed fan. The plot and themes of Truth or Dare and The Menu are different, but the way they approach their concepts seems familiar. On the one hand, The Menu focuses on upscale gastronomy.

On the other hand, Truth or Dare is about social media and the general following that people get through it. Both films use exaggeration to convey the reality of fine dining and social media. The violence in The Menu reminds us of Truth or Dare, but the latter is less complex than the former.

6. Would You Rather (2012)

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‘Would You Rather’ is a horror thriller that takes its premise from the game of the same name. Iris’ brother has leukemia and needs a bone marrow donor. So she decides to take part in a Would You Rather game with a bunch of strangers, but soon finds that the tasks are too real and too violent. The film is an extreme answer to the question: how far would you go to save someone you love? In the film, the titular game is organized by Shepard Lambrick, who witnesses the events unfolding before him. In a way, he’s like Chef Slowik from The Menu. Both men are sadistic by nature and want to watch people go through their torments. While the chef’s motivations are crystal clear, Shepard’s reason for hosting such a cruel game is ambiguous. This builds the intrigue around the characters and keeps the viewer pensive after the film ends.

5. Fantasy Island (2020)

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‘Fantasy Island’ is a classic survival film set on the island of the same name. When a group of people travel to this island to live out their wildest fantasies, they discover how their fantasies can turn into their worst nightmares. People experience inexplicable incidents and the struggle for survival begins. Like The Menu and several other films on this list, Fantasy Island is an exaggerated representation of a real concept.

The people of Fantasy Island and their desperate struggle to survive are similar to the guests in The Menu. In addition, both films use symbolism by depicting the violence and fate of the people. These facets fascinate the viewer until the end, because he has to keep guessing how it goes on.

4. Triangle of Sadness (2022)

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‘Triangle of Sadness’ is a satire that examines the idiosyncrasies of rich people and explores how the social hierarchy works in a particular scenario. The narrative details how the balance of power is completely shifted when a group of guests and crew are stranded on an island. Unlike The Menu, which focuses on a single theme, Triangle of Sadness is about the influence of social media, classism, and hierarchy. One of the main similarities between the two films is the portrayal of rich people and their behaviors. While Triangle of Sadness shows how intolerant the rich are of any inconvenience, The Menu examines how they equate any art with wealth. These layers give the audience a glimpse into the behavior and psyche of elite society.

3. Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

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‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ is a dark horror comedy about the arts industry in Los Angeles. When Morf (Jake Gyllenhaal) comes across paintings by an unknown artist, one of his colleagues decides to sell them. Soon people are dying due to a supernatural force that seeks revenge on anyone who sells the artworks for money. One of the main differences between Velvet Buzzsaw and The Menu is the paranormal element. The supernatural power is an analogy to chef Slowik, as both want to show people that art isn’t just a status symbol, it’s more than that. The films denounce people with big pockets who satisfy their greed for money and recognition at the expense of others.

2. Ready or Not (2019)

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‘Ready or Not’ follows Grace, a newly married bride who is asked to play hide and seek with the family as part of the family tradition. She soon realizes how deadly the game is and begins fighting to survive. The violence in the film is very reminiscent of the violence in The Menu. Also, Grace’s survival instincts are reminiscent of Margot’s tactics trying to escape from the island. Ready or Not isn’t exactly satire, but it does have subtle nuances that poke fun at cults and victims. Both movies are pretty dark, but Ready or Not has less tension in its scenes than The Menu.

1. Parasite (2019)

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‘Parasite’ is perhaps one of the best satires on classicism we’ve seen in years. The Oscar-winning film is about an underprivileged family of four who infiltrate the home of a wealthy couple and start working there. Although the plots of The Menu and Parasite are very different, The Menu’s family of four and Parasite’s chef have similar views on the elite class. In Parasite we see how the family longs to one day become rich. But as the story progresses, they realize that their longings stem from their poverty and insecurity. In The Menu, chef Slowik is way ahead of the curve, and we see him despise the upper class. Both films have numerous layers that are gradually being removed.