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8 Movies Like Decision To Leave You Must See

December 13, 2022

Decision To Leave is written and directed by Park Chan-wook. The South Korean romance crime film stars Tang Wei and Park Hae-il. It is about the experiences of detective Jang, who solves a murder case in the mountains. Upon meeting the victim’s wife, Song Seo-rae, he finds himself developing feelings for the mysterious woman. The investigation proves difficult as everyone believes the detective’s point of view has been compromised.

The film stays true to its genre by interspersing various crime and romance elements into the plot of the story. It stands out from other films in the genre with its great storytelling and engaging characters. If you want to watch movies that are about similar themes as this movie then the following suggestions are perfect for you. You can watch most of these movies similar to Decision To Leave on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

8. The Hypnotized (2004)

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Originally titled Eolguleobtneun minyeo, the romantic thriller is written and directed by In-shik Kim. A psychiatrist is unable to help a mentally ill patient while she is in the hospital. He then develops an obsession with his former patient, searches for her outside of his office, and uses hypnosis to fulfill his sexual fantasies. The Korean film, starring Kim Hye-su, Kim Tae-woo and Chang Yun, interweaves the aspects of suspense and romance just like Decision To Leave.

7. Scarlet Innocence (2014)

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Directed by Pil-sung Yim, Scarlet Innocence combines the genres of drama and romantic thriller. After a passionate romance, college professor Hak-kyu dumps small-town girl Deokee, who seeks revenge on him eight years later when he goes blind. The film is about a forbidden romance between a professor and a student and aspects of the fulfillment of sexual desires. Furthermore, the central aspect of the film is the girl’s reaction to the rejection and her subsequent decision to take revenge. These aspects contribute to her growing obsession with the professor, just as Jang becomes obsessed with Song in Decision To Leave.

6. Laura (1944)

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Directed by Otto Preminger, Laura is a film noir crime thriller based on the novel by Vera Caspary. Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews), a Manhattan detective, investigates the murder of flamboyant Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney) in her luxurious apartment. McPherson questions Laura’s haughty best friend and her relatively soft-spoken fiancé as suspects in her murder investigation. As the officer deals with the case, he begins to fall in love with the deceased woman. The detective falling in love with a woman involved in the case is an aspect that is present in both the decision to leave and Laura. The difference is that in the first film Song is a possible suspect while in the second film Laura is the victim.

5. Wicker Park (2004)

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Wicker Park, directed by Paul McGuigan, is a tale of obsession and grief. Matthew and Lisa have a passionate relationship. But one day Lisa disappears. Simon falls into an emotional stupor and embarks on an obsessive search for her. One day he thinks he caught a glimpse of Lisa in a restaurant and becomes obsessed with her again. He snoops around until he finds the mysterious woman from the restaurant. The film is also based on ‘L’Appartement’ by Gilles Mimouni. The love and ensuing obsession are similar in both ‘Decision To Leave’ and ‘Wicker Park’.

4. The Handmaiden (2016)

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‘Ah-ga-ssi’ or ‘The Handmaiden’ is inspired by Sarah Waters’ novel ‘Fingersmith’. Directed by Park Chan-wook, the story follows a woman who is recruited as a maid for a Japanese heiress. In reality, however, she is involved in a scam scheme designed to scam the woman. Starring Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo and Cho Jin-woong, the film sheds light on the implications and consequences of ulterior motives. Furthermore, the film also has a sexual facet that is interspersed with the plot. Despite being from the same filmmaker, both The Handmaiden and Decision To Leave focus on people’s darkest desires that can arise unintentionally.

3. Dead Again (1991)

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Kenneth Branagh’s crime thriller stars Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. A private detective is tasked with finding out more about the past of a mute woman. With the help of a hypnotist, she regains her voice and, in vivid flashbacks, recalls a couple who were murdered in the 1940s. As the detective falls in love with the woman he calls Grace, he learns he is related to the unhappy 1940s couple. The love between the detective and the protagonist blossoms, just like Jang and Song in Decision To Leave.

2. White Night (2009)

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In a distant town, a pawnbroker is found murdered. Three suspects are observed, but all of them have an impeccable alibi, so the investigation is closed. After several years have passed, the detective decides to investigate again. His relentless pursuit draws renewed attention to the case and uncovers a hidden relationship that seems tied to the surrounding crimes. The crime thriller is directed by Shin-woo Park. The film is based on the Japanese novel Journey Under the Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino. The overarching crime thriller is very similar to the film Decision To Leave. Also, the chief inspectors in both films are tenacious and determined in their pursuit.

1. Vertigo (1958)

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Directed by one of the greatest suspense filmmakers, Alfred Hitchcock, the story revolves around Scottie, a former police detective who suffers from a fear of heights and acrophobia. He works as a private detective to track down Madeleine Elster, who is behaving strangely. When Scottie finds himself in the midst of murder, deceit and betrayal, with a dash of unexpected twists, he breaks down completely. The film shows how difficult it is to battle his inner demons while trying to solve the case. The film is also based on Pierre Boileau’s novel D’Entre Les Morts. The crime element associated with the detective falling in love with Madeleine in Vertigo is very similar to the facets of Decision to Leave.