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8 Movies Like Christmas With The Campbells You Must See

December 8, 2022

Clare Niederpruem stars Brittany Snow, Justin Long and Alex Moffat in the holiday romantic comedy ‘Christmas With The Campbells’. Just before the holidays, Jesse’s boyfriend breaks up with her. Since she has a good relationship with his parents, she decides to celebrate Christmas with them. Complications arise when Jesse becomes attracted to Shawn’s cousin, David, and even Shawn decides to show up at his parents’ house.

The film shows a sympathetic relationship between Shawn’s parents and Jesse. It also shows how difficult it is to come to terms with a breakup just before the holidays and how hard it can be. As the title suggests, the holidays are going to be great fun with all aspects of romance, comedy and a little bit of drama. If you are looking for movies that deal with similar themes then the following movies are for you. You can watch most of these movies similar to Christmas With The Campbells on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

8. Happy Christmas (2011)

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The 2011 romantic comedy is about breakups and how easily relationships can fall apart. After a breakup, Jenny moves into her brother’s house. She and her sidekick, Carson, convince Kelly, her brother’s wife, that she needs to move on in her life, work, and relationships. Directed by Joe Swanberg, the film explores the impact a breakup can have on a person. Like Christmas With The Campbells, it’s about the relationships between family members and their always being there for you. You can really count on the support and love of your family members.

7. Holiday Breakup (2016)

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This film has all the aspects of an archetypal romantic comedy. With a loving relationship, the trope of opposites, attraction and fake dating, the film is a wonderful Christmas film. Directed by Temple Mathews, it follows a couple who fall in love but break up just before the holidays. To avoid a series of pity talks and feelings of loneliness over the holidays, they decide to pretend they are together. Jesse being dumped before Christmas is akin to the lead couple splitting up in Holiday Breakup.

6. The Christmas Contract (2018)

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Monika Mitchell’s romantic drama film ‘The Christmas Contract’ sheds light on families in a way that isn’t forced or oddly condescending. Above all, it shows a connection that develops gradually and naturally. That’s compelling and memorable. The film tells the story of a recently single woman and her first Christmas after breaking up with her partner. However, not everything goes as planned because she has to deal with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Both Christmas With The Campbells and The Christmas Contract address the experience of breaking up as the holiday season approaches. In addition, both protagonists have to deal with their ex-boyfriend, who suddenly appears.

5. Christmas Pen Pals (2018)

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IT pro Hannah returns to her hometown for the holidays after unexpectedly breaking up with her boyfriend before Christmas. She joins an anonymous vacation penpal service and is mesmerized by every exquisitely written letter she receives. The film, directed by Siobhan Devine, revolves around the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery. Similar to Christmas With The Campbells, Christmas Pen Pals witnesses Hannah trying to move on from the relationship. The suddenness of the breakup is also similar in both films.

4. Love in the Villa (2022)

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The romantic comedy film Love in the Mansion tells the story of Julie, who is dumped while expecting a marriage proposal. She embarks on her long-awaited trip to Italy alone. But due to a mix-up on the website, she finds another person in the villa. Eventually, Julie shares the mansion with an annoying but handsome man, Charlie. Things get interesting when the duo find themselves attracted to each other. Directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the breakup and ensuing love affair are very similar in both films. Jesse falls in love with David after meeting him in her ex-boyfriend’s hometown.

3. Christmas Plus One (2022)

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Amy, a wealthy woman, is planning a winter wedding after she and her sister Cara agree to meet their soulmates by next Christmas. Cara meets her own ideal partner but misplaces his phone number. Christmas Plus One is a romantic comedy film directed by Meeshelle Neal. The film follows the love story of Cara, who finds her soul mate just before the holidays. The holidays awaken a certain longing for love in people, even more than on normal days. This subject is adequately covered in both Christmas With The Campbells and Christmas Plus One.

2. The Christmas Retreat (2022)

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Kim’s mother kidnaps her for a Christmas vacation after Kim’s boyfriend decides not to propose to her and breaks up with her instead. When she gets there, she meets Mark who has just lost his job. Jason Bourque is directing the TV movie. Leigh stars Rachel Faith and Clayton Chitty. The film shows the heartwarming relationship between Kim and her mother. Although Jesse visits her ex-boyfriend’s parents, the relationship between her and his mother is similar to Kim’s with her mother.

1. The Vacation (2006)

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A classic holiday movie about swapping houses to escape relationship troubles. Directed by Nancy Meyers, The Holiday is a romantic comedy in the best sense of the word. Amanda and Iris are tired of their same old lives with big problems. Both feel overwhelmed when their relationships fall apart just before the holidays. You decide to exchange a home to change things up. Amanda’s boyfriend breaks up with her just before Christmas, so she plans to travel. This is very similar to how Jesse handles her breakup, including going into her ex-boyfriend’s house.

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