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8 Anime Like Mob Psycho 100 You Must See

January 1, 2023

Studio Bones’ Mob Psycho 100 is an action-packed supernatural comedy series centered around Shigeo Mob Kageyama, a psychic with immense potential powers who, despite his young age, is wise enough to understand and accept the dangers of his abilities. So he makes the wise decision to rarely use his powers and enlists the help of a psychic named Arataka Reigen to learn to control his abilities. But Mob doesn’t know that Reigen is an impostor who only wants to use his powers for his own benefit. Unfortunately, Mob is slowly approaching a state where his untapped psychic powers will be unleashed all at once, transforming him in unimaginable ways.

The thrilling, emotional, and at times hilarious life experiences of Shigeo have touched countless fans of the supernatural series over the years. So it is not surprising that many people now want to watch a similar anime. If you are also looking for an anime similar to ‘Mob Psycho 100’ then we have a solution for you. You can watch most of these anime similar to Mob Psycho 100 on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll or Funimation.

8. Spy x Family (2022 -)

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‘Spy x Family’ is about a secret spy codenamed Twilight who adopts the alias Loid Forger to investigate a politician named Donovan Desmond in order to secure peace between the neighboring countries of Westalis and Ostania. Unfortunately, his quest is unlike any he’s taken on in his life, and Twilight must adopt a daughter named Anya and find an ostensible wife who turns out to be an assassin.

The exciting and action-packed life of the Forger family is probably not what springs to mind when you think of Mob Psycho 100. However, both series have psychic characters who are lied to about their true intentions by their guardians/mentors. Just like Mob Psycho 100, Spy x Family has found the right balance between comedy, action and drama, which makes the series well worth watching.

7. Sakamoto desu ga? (2016)

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Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Nami Sano, Sakamoto desu ga? or Haven’t You Heard? I Am Sakamoto is all about the near-perfect protagonist who will charm every girl on the first day of school and make every other boy jealous. All attempts to put him down fail, and Sakamoto proves he’s one step ahead of everyone.

The hilarious story of Sakamoto’s unusual life is loved by all who have seen it. Mob Psycho 100 fans who are looking for a series that offers them a similar style of comedy with a protagonist who is basically overpowered/overqualified should definitely check out Sakamoto desu ga? or Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto.’

6. The Daily Life of High School Boys (2012)

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Hidenori, Tadakuni, and Yoshitake are three eccentric friends who attend Sanada North High School, an all-boys school. While leading very ordinary lives, the trio makes up for their dull existence with their colorful imaginations. The series follows the three friends as they explore different aspects of life and get to know each other better.

Unlike Mob Psycho 100, which is a supernatural action series with lots of drama, Daily Lives of High School Boys is a light-hearted comedy series that focuses on the normal lives of some high school students. While the two series are very different from each other, those who enjoy the comedy and drama of the first series will be well entertained with the second series as well.

5. The Outsider of Demon King Academy (2020 -)

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When a seemingly endless conflict between humans and demons wreaked havoc and destruction on the world, the demon king Anos Voldigoad decided to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He had hoped to one day return to a more peaceful world, but all his hopes were dashed when he was reborn some two millennia later. Anos learned that not only had his heritage been sullied, but that he is now seen in a very different light. The Demon King’s journey to reclaim his throne may bear few similarities to the story of Mob, but both series have impressive battle scenes that action anime fans will definitely enjoy.

4. Hinamatsuri (2018)

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Yakuza member Yoshifumi Nitta’s life is changed forever when he encounters Hina, a mysterious girl who has extraordinary powers but little knows how to control them. Since she has no guardian, Nitta decides to take care of her, only to find that she can help him immensely with his work. This is the beginning of an unlikely partnership between Nitta and Hina that is in some ways similar to the relationship between Mob and Reigen. Additionally, Mob and Hina both possess incredible powers that are difficult to control. For all the above reasons, Hinamatsuri is a great series for anime fans who like Mob Psycho 100.

3. The Daily Life of the Immortal King (2020 – )

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‘Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo’ or ‘The Daily Life of the Immortal King’ tells the story of a high school student named Wang Ling who possesses so much power that he can destroy the whole world at any moment. Fearing the worst possible scenario, his parents must use an amulet to harness his power. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix, and as the amulet weakens, Ling’s worst fears seem more likely.

To save the world, Ling and his loved ones must fix the amulet or watch the world end. Like Mob Psycho 100, The Daily Life of the Immortal King is about a school-age protagonist whose powers can get out of control and destroy the world. Furthermore, the two series also have their share of funny moments that keep viewers entertained.

2. The fateful life of Saiki K. (2020)

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At first glance, Kusuo Saiki may seem like a perfectly normal teenager. But he has the misfortune of being endowed with countless supernatural abilities that complicate things unnecessarily. All he dreams of is having a normal life without drawing too much attention to himself. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a seemingly impossible and unrealistic expectation, as Kusuo keeps getting into conflicts and soon has to realize that normal life is far more complicated than he previously imagined.

The hilarious life experiences of the psychic protagonist of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. will surely remind fans of Mob Psycho 100. So if you want to see a character similar to Mob, check out ‘The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.’ put on your watch list.

1. One Punch Man (2015 -)

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From a young age, Saitama dreamed of becoming a hero. He trained tirelessly for three years and eventually became so strong that he could defeat any opponent with just one punch. But that also meant that fighting for the common good was no longer exciting for him and was just a monotonous hobby. However, everything changed when 19-year-old cyborg Genos became his student and persuaded him to join the Hero Association. This is the beginning of Saitama’s journey as he strives to be recognized and rediscover the thrill of battling villains.

‘One Punch Man’ and ‘Mob Psycho 100’ are both based on the work of popular mangaka One or Tomohiro. The protagonists in these two animes are overpowered and have quite a similar calm and stoic approach to life situations. Additionally, One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 offer a ton of memorable battle sequences, making both must-watch action anime fans.