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7 Shows Like Dream Home Makeover You Must See

December 21, 2022

The Netflix Original Dream Home Makeover revolves around Utah-based couple Shea and Syd McGee as they bring clients the bespoke makeover of their lives that truly lives up to its title. Because the film not only shows how carefully the two design the houses of different families according to their unique, luxurious style, but also their own domestic experiences.

This gives us a glimpse into Shea and Syd’s thriving long-term personal and professional partnership, making the entire reality series the perfect binge event. Now if you’re craving something similar, we have recommendations for you – you can find most of these shows like Dream Home Makeover on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

7. Hidden Potential (2017- )

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Hidden Potential is an HGTV series that essentially chronicles designer and builder Jasmine Roth’s goal to ensure that no two homes in Southern California are alike, especially in the suburbs. There’s not much she can do on the exterior without altering the foundation of each home, but she transforms the interiors into extremely custom designs. The fact that she is hands-on, genuinely loves her job, and doesn’t hesitate to share her family influences or experiences makes the show undeniably comparable to Dream Home Makeover.

6. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003-2012)

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If we’re being honest, ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ is one of the biggest makeover series to ever hit our screens because of the sheer number of pundits involved. That’s because the basic concept of this original is to surprise families in need with the life-changing makeover of their entire home in just seven days while they’re on vacation. So it’s lighthearted, heartwarming and quite literally moving, just like the production with the Studio McGee owners and their skilled work for real people.

5. Instant Dream Home (2022- )

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Netflix’s Instant Dream Home is like Dream Home Makeover and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in that they’re all about surprising but totally unique makeovers for deserving people. The only difference is that the specialists do the actual work in a day after months of intense preparation to ensure the improvements are just to the liking of their unsuspecting customers. Also, we should mention that Danielle Brooks is the presenter, Paige Mobley is the special projects director, Erik Curtis is the carpenter, Nick Cutsumpas is the exterior designer, and Adair Curtis is the interior designer.

4. Tiny House Nation (2014-2019)

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Although Tiny House Nation doesn’t feature the personal lives of home improvement pros John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, it makes up for it with in-depth exploration of their clients’ backstories. This aspect is of great importance as it allows the hard-working, creative duo to put together the ideal home for the client in a small space of less than (or around) 500 square meters. This creates bespoke furniture, storage and entertainment options, among other things, that ensure uniqueness and prove that you don’t need a large area to lead a happy life.

3. Fixer To Fabulous (2019- )

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‘Fixer to Fabulous’ is a reality series about husband and wife team Dave and Jenny Marrs, who specialize in renovating aging homes into contemporary dream spaces. Whether they’re new single parents or partners at any stage of life, if someone in your Arkansas neighborhood needs an upgrade to accommodate their lifestyle and personality, don’t hesitate to step in. Yes, Dave and Jenny focus on transforming historic homes into charming masterpieces with every amenity imaginable, but the core of their show and Dream Home Makeover remains the same.

2. Flip or Flop (2013-2022)

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The Flip or Flip series, which centers on Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall as they buy distressed properties to rehabilitate them before hopefully selling them for a small profit, is nothing short of incredible. The then-married couple hosted the series through their divorce and remarriage to various people, introducing us to the world of real estate, architecture and design. The mix of personal and professional elements in this reality series and the consistent warm tone in every situation make it as entertaining as Shea and Syd McGee’s show.

1. Fixer Upper (2013-2018)

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Home improvement, design, and real estate professionals Chip and Joanna Gaines star in Fixer Upper, a reality series that lives up to its title in a similar way to Dream Home Makeover. In a way, the Texans are like the McGees: They too take on clients who are desperate to have their dream home, with the only difference being that their projects are always Fixer Upper. In other words, Chip and Joanna renovate each home based on their client’s personal tastes, but often it’s much more than that, as they also need to incorporate the original structure and other elements.