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7 Reality Shows Like Selling Tampa You Must See

December 18, 2021

Selling Tampa is a Netflix reality series depicting the lives of dynamic female employees at Allure Realty, a luxury real estate agency serving high-quality clients with the best available properties in Tampa Bay, Florida. Sharelle Rosado and her team of beautiful real estate agents navigate through important business deals, elite customers, magnificent houses with ostentatious interiors and also through many a drama.

The show depicts actual interpersonal disputes, real conflicts in the workplace as well as a detailed insight into how the real estate industry works. If you enjoy seeing up-close and zesty nonsense from real people in a professional setting, here’s a list of similar recommendations for you to check out. Most of these Selling Tampa-like shows can be seen on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Stay Here (2018)

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Stay Here is a reality TV series in which interior designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate agent Peter Lorimer transform various owners’ short-term rental apartments into high quality properties. The series has an eight episode season and features a selection of real people who have interesting stories behind their properties.

In one of the episodes, Gorder and Lorimer even renovated a historic Washington DC fire station. Similar to Selling Tampa, Stay Here also falls into the Real Estate Reality TV category and gives viewers an insight into what is behind the acquisition and construction of showcase properties.

6. Flip or Flop (2013-)

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The reality TV series Flip or Flop, hosted by Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack, features the former couple freaking out in Orange County houses. The ex-couple buys lucrative real estate and sells it for a profit. While Tarek takes care of the financial aspects of the business, Christina remodels and renovates the houses before putting them back up for sale.

The couple had a tumultuous relationship that ended in divorce in 2017, and have since appeared together on the show, which now spans 10 seasons. The intriguing drama of her past conflicts often spills over into her workspace, making it very similar to Selling Tampa’s. Even the envious properties featured on the show are certainly reminiscent of the extravagant homes in Tampa Bay.

5. Queer Eye (2018-)

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Even if it isn’t about real estate, Queer Eye is sure to amaze you if your into Selling Tampa. The reality TV series revolves around five gay professionals, the Fab Five, who give other men a makeover in every episode. The Fab Five consist of Antoni Porowski (food and wine connoisseur), Jonathan Van Ness (care expert), Bobby Berk (expert in interior design and decoration), Tan France (fashion stylist) and Karamo Brown (culture and lifestyle expert).

The reboot of the Emmy-winning show of the same name follows the Fab Five, which portray various male protagonists and suggest changes in different areas of life depending on their expertise. Queer Eye also revealed the unwritten disagreements and complexity of team collaboration on screen, as well as the quirks of various customers, much like in Selling Tampa. The interpersonal drama of the Fab Five and their partners has captivated viewers throughout the series’ 6 seasons.

4. Million Dollar Beach House (2020-)

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The film Million Dollar Beach House follows a group of young Nest Seekers International agents trying to sell multi-million dollar beachfront properties in the Hamptons, and has a similar premise to Selling Tampa. The agents’ ambitions often get in the way of each other’s deals, leading to a lot of quarrels and selfishness against the backdrop of luxurious beach houses.

Just like Selling Tampa, Million Dollar Beach House has stunning performers and cute houses to offer. The authentic drama and the power struggle between the actors to become the top-selling real estate agent reminds viewers a lot of Selling Tampa.

3. Below Deck (2013-)

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However, another reality TV series outside of the real estate space, Below Deck, bears a strong resemblance to Selling Tampa. The series accompanies the crew of a superyacht that struggles with professional problems and personal conflicts during various charter seasons. The series has been giving viewers a deep look behind the scenes of the yachting industry for 8 seasons and has two very successful offshoots: Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

With exotic locations and handsome crew members, the series is popular for its twists and turns and the crew escapades both inside and outside of work. Whether in a real estate office like Selling Tampa or on a superyacht like Below Deck, both shows prove that a highly dramatic drama can take place in any type of workplace and is equally captivating.

2. Million Dollar Listing New York (2012-)

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The two-time Emmy-nominated reality TV series Million Dollar Listing New York is an offshoot of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Each season features a group of luxury real estate agents dealing in the most exotic properties in New York City. The real estate agents ‘social and professional dynamics are also an important part of the show, aside from a look at New Yorkers’ luxury potential homes and their lives.

The show differs from Selling Tampa only in terms of location and the fact that it has more male performers. That being said, Million Dollar Listing New York is going to be just as much fun to you as Selling Tampa because of the same premise and elitist drama.

1. Selling Sunset (2019-)

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The Primetime Emmy-nominated reality TV series on which Selling Tampa was originally based, Selling Sunset, describes the work and personal lives of employees at the Oppenheim Group, an upscale real estate company in Los Angeles. the The realtor’s romantic relationships and marriages, as well as their arguments and equations among themselves, kept viewers very entertained, and the series’s popularity has led to two other editions including Selling Tampa.

Selling Sunset will get you excited if you’re into upscale homes, glamorous celebrity clients, and the intricacies of real estate business, with a generous helping of drama. It is a must for Selling Tampa fans to understand the main format of the series.