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7 Movies Like Windfall You Must See

March 18, 2022

7 Movies Like Windfall You Must See

2. Bone (1972)

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Bone is a black comedy that tells the story of Bernadette and Bill, a volatile couple. One day, the main character breaks into her house and takes her hostage. Bone soon learns that despite outward appearances of wealth, the couple is financially drained. Nevertheless, he demands money from them and sends Bill to the bank, where he meets an attractive young woman. While her husband is away, Bernadette tries to seduce Bone. Like Windfall, Bone has three main characters – the husband, the wife and the criminal. And they are all amoral. Also, both films look at marriage from a very pessimistic perspective.

1. Villains (2019)

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As in Windfall, in Villains, the invaders turn out to be much better people than the homeowners. Mickey and Jules are a delinquent couple. They break into a remote house to find gas for their car. They discover a young girl who is tied to a pillar. In an attempt to free them, they encounter the sadistic owners of the house – George and Gloria. Villains is a relentless and brilliant film full of unexpected twists and turns. As with Windfall, the plot is tightly interwoven.