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6 shows like the Shrink Next Door you have to watch

November 13, 2021

The shrink next door tells the incredible story of a psychiatrist who gradually took over the affairs of one of his patients and determined their lives for almost three decades! When Martin Marty Markowitz came to the therapy sessions with Dr. Isaac Ike Herschkopf leaves, he has no idea that he is being exploited. Yet that is exactly what happens, and the show’s narrative describes a fascinating and insidious dynamic between a doctor and his patient.

The series is based on the investigative podcast of the same name by Joe Nocera and is an eclectic mix of dark comedy and intrigue. If you enjoyed the Doctor’s cross-border antics, we have a few more shows that tell truly remarkable stories of manipulation and medical intrigue. Most of these series, which are similar to The Shrink Next Door, can be seen on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

6. In Treatment (2008-2010, 2021-)

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Closely based on the Israeli series BeTipul, the series follows the fascinating sessions between the psychiatrist Paul Weston and his patients, as well as the doctor’s conversations with his own therapist. As the story progresses, Weston begins to question his own credibility, and the series deftly explores the tangled processes inside a psychiatrist’s mind. Similar to The Psychiatrist Next Door, the focus here is also on the subtle art of persuasion and doctor-patient relationships.

5. The Moorside (2017)

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This two-part British television drama follows the disappearance of a 9-year-old girl and the ensuing investigation that leads to a startling result. The fact that the mother is suspected of kidnapping makes for a fascinating narrative. The internal family drama is as tumultuous as in The Shrimp Next Door, and you’ll be amazed every time you remember that the story you are seeing is actually based on real events.

4. Truth Be Told (2019-)

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Based on the novel Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber, the series revolves around an investigative journalist who investigates fascinating secrets as a podcaster. The pace is intentionally slow, which helps allow the series’ multi-layered story and deep characters to shine through and be properly explored. Though the series focuses on more violent topics than The Shrink Next Door, it also haunts masterful, decade-long secrets (one per season) and reveals the dark sides of seemingly normal people.

3rd House (2004-2012)

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Credit: Isabella Vosmikova / FOX

House (also known as House MD) is a classic among the series dealing with the relationship between doctor and patient, and accompanies the disrespectful title character in solving seemingly impossible medical emergencies. The Doctor’s ingenuity is offset by his terrifying disdain for regulatory compliance, making the series a perfect blend of dark comedy and weighty themes that are effortlessly incorporated into the narrative. If you are Dr. Have enjoyed Herschkopf’s cross-border antics, House will amaze you with his tongue-in-cheek exploration of medical responsibility.

2. Dr. Death (2021)

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Photo credit: Scott McDermott, Peacock

If you’re wondering how far doctors can push the boundaries, look no further. Based on the true crime podcast of the same name, Dr. Death to the insidious Dr. Duntsch, who mutilated and injured a number of patients. The enigmatic story of this multi-year miniseries will shock you and you will wonder how such appalling situations can go on for so long without the public knowing about it. When it comes to ambitious doctors who push the boundaries between doctor and patient (and the law), Dr. Duntsch the psychiatrist from The Psychiatrist Next Door by far.

1. Dirty John (2018-)

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Photo credit: Nicole Wilder, Bravo

‘Dirty John’ is a true crime anthology series that follows a different criminal each season. The series is based on the podcast of the same name by Christopher Goffard and deals with the subject of manipulation. The first season is about an anesthetist who lures an unsuspecting woman into a trap. Those who can’t get enough of true crime tales that tell remarkable stories with seemingly normal people will love this series. The strange dynamic that drives the relationship between Dr. What makes Herschkopf and his patient so fascinating is explored in Dirty John, albeit through a somber lens.