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1883 episode 3 release date, time and spoiler

December 19, 2021

1883 is out of the gates and on the way, as the long and hard road north begins for James Dillard Dutton and his family. The previous series has the task of balancing different storylines and at the same time telling the background story of the Dutton family and their Yellowstone ranch. A lot of time is spent building the world and imagining different characters in the first two episodes of the series. This group of travelers share a common goal, but the harmony between them is fragile.

The duttons could get involved in various conflicts and many difficulties await them. If you’ve already invested in the origins of the Dutton family saga, you’re sure to be curious to see what happens to the Duttons and their companions. In that case, here is everything you need to know before watching Episode 3 of 1883!

1883 episode 3 release date

The release of 1883 Episode 3 is up for December 26, 2021 at 3 p.m. ET Paramount + planned. The first season of the prequel series is expected to consist of ten episodes with a running time of 45-60 minutes each. New episodes in the series will appear weekly on the streaming service.

The first two episodes of the series were released together on December 19, 2021. The first episode then aired on Paramount Network that same evening at 9 p.m. ET. However, the third episode is unlikely to air on television in a similar fashion.

Where can you watch 1883 episode 3 online?

You can watch 1883 episode 3 by logging into Paramount +. The new episode will be available to subscribers to the service from the date and time indicated above. You can get the latest episode on too Amazon Prime Video see by subscribing to the Paramount + add-on. Since the series is a Paramount + original, the third episode will not be available for streaming outside of the platform.

1883 episode 3 spoilers

The third episode of 1883 is titled River. She will continue the journey of the caravan led by Shea Brennan, which includes James Dutton and his family. The cowboys are aware that they are outnumbered as there are many dangers lurking on their way north. These dangers could endanger the lives of the innocent in the caravan, and Shea, Thomas, and James must always be on their guard. The trio could come up with a plan to keep them safe. However, they may disagree on some decisions.

In addition, the immigrants are not very skilled at moving in such terrain and could slow down the journey. As a result, the caravan is likely to make camp near a river for a short period of time. However, tension could arise within the camp for a variety of reasons. Shea may have to adopt a strict stance to resolve conflicts within the camp, which could lead to further disharmonies within the tour group. Ennis will likely keep flirting with Elsa, and the romantic spark between the two could fly.