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10 Shows Like 1899 You Must See

November 18, 2022

The Netflix series 1899 is a historical sci-fi television series set in the year of the same name and about a passenger liner traveling from London to New York. When the captain receives a signal indicating the whereabouts of a missing ship, he takes a detour. When the crew reaches the location, they find an abandoned ship called the Prometheus. Inexplicable events begin to occur and passengers wonder what is real and what is not.

Story 1899, conceived by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, is the epitome of an amazing story. The way the creators bring together the characters, their past traumas, and their relationships under mysterious circumstances is truly extraordinary. The story is like a jigsaw puzzle that immerses the viewer and keeps them curious to the end. If you’re a fan of the genre and looking for more series of this type, we’ve got you covered. You can watch most of these series like 1899 on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

10. Glitch (2015-2019)

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‘Glitch’ is an Australian television series set in the small town of Yoorana, Victoria. The Netflix series follows police officer James Hayes as he tries to solve a case involving seven people coming back from the dead. These people return from their graves overnight and don’t seem to remember who they are. There is something about small town crime fiction that draws viewers in.

Although 1899 isn’t set in a small town, the characters bear a certain resemblance to the 7 characters in Glitch. In the first series, some of the passengers share a common connection that is an important part of the narrative. In the latter series, the 7 characters are connected in a way that the viewer doesn’t understand at first. As the story progresses, viewers piece together small details and try to come to a conclusion. The audience enjoys it and stays with the story until all the threads come together.

9. Counterpart (2017-2019)


Credit: Anne Marie Fox/Starz Entertainment, LLC

The Starz series Counterpart is a sci-fi thriller revolving around the idea that the world has two dimensions. The story follows Howard Silk (JK Simmons), a low-level official at a United Nations agency, who discovers the gateway between the two dimensions. The shocking revelation opens his eyes to the world he lives in and he realizes that something bigger is happening behind the scenes.

One striking similarity between Counterpart and 1899 is that both series seem to borrow certain aspects from real events and theories. In Counterpart, for example, the cold war between the two dimensions is reminiscent of that between the USA and the Soviet Union. The basic idea from 1889, which is about a missing ship that is floating in the sea, is reminiscent of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Although these similarities make up only a tiny part of the story, they do pique the viewer’s interest in the story.

8. Sense8 (2015-2018)

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Credit: Murray Close/Netflix

‘Sense8’ is another Netflix series that leaves you wanting more. The story is about 8 people from different parts of the world who have a strong connection to each other. Developed by the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, the series follows each character as they discover their connection and the dark past that binds them together through supernatural phenomena.

What really brings these people together on the show is their collective trauma. In 1899, some passengers are haunted by their disturbing secrets. That’s one of the reasons they’re on board the ship and seem to have a common bond. Although these characters don’t seem as connected as those in Sense8, trauma plays a big part in their interactions and motivations. Audiences might also find similarities between the character arcs of both series that offer fascinating insights into the human psyche.

7. The OA (2016-2019)

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Credit: Olivia Bee/Netflix

The Netflix series The OA is a supernatural science fiction series about Prairie Johnson, a young woman who returns after seven long years of disappearance. The strange thing is that Prairie was blind before she disappeared but can now see. As the police and her adoptive parents try to understand the reasons behind this, the woman begins to carry out her own plan.

What is most fascinating about looking at The OA and 1899 from a broader perspective is Prairie’s resemblance to the ship Prometheus. Although the latter is an inanimate object, it plays a similar role to Prairie in the main story. While the woman was missing for 7 years, the Prometheus was only gone for 4 months. In addition, the return of the young woman is comparable to the mysterious appearance of the ship after 4 months. From here the plot goes in different directions in both shows, but the basis of the story is the same in both cases.

6. Homecoming (2018-2020)

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Based on the Gimlet Media podcast of the same name, Amazon Prime’s Homecoming follows Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), an ex-soldier turned waitress. The woman used to serve at Homecoming, a facility that allows soldiers to transition from army life to civilian life. Heidi encounters a Secretary of Defense who asks her why she left the facility, but oddly she can’t remember anything from her time there. This leads her down a path where she finds unsettling answers to all her questions.

Several tropes from Homecoming appear to be present in 1899, including a character losing her memory, the dark reality of a seemingly ordinary place, and more. Thus, Heidi’s inability to remember her time on Homecoming is comparable to a passenger’s difficulty remembering her actual past in 1899. In addition, audiences are likely to notice a few other common tropes that will leave them stunned.

5. Departure (2019-2022)

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‘Departure’ is a Canadian television series about the disappearance of an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean and subsequent crash. When a TSIB officer is assigned to the case, she uncovers a larger conspiracy behind the crash involving people she doesn’t know. Although the series is a suspense drama with no sci-fi elements, there are a few tenuous threads that tie it to the 1899 story.

One of the main similarities between the two series is the basic premise that the audience knows enough. The series uses this insight to capture the viewer’s attention and builds on it. Another similar facet of both stories is how they convince the audience that something much worse is happening in the background. There are also a few other well-known themes from the suspense and mystery genres that keep the audience in suspense until the last second.

4. Manifesto (2018-)

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The Netflix series Manifest is a supernatural mystery series about the disappearance of a passenger flight and its reappearance after more than 5 years. When the presumed-dead passengers try to understand what exactly happened, chaos ensues.

Like some other series in this genre, Manifest is a fictional work whose underlying story is linked to real events. Even 1899 is a fictional story that appears to be connected to conspiracy theories surrounding the Devil’s Triangle. Also, the strange experiences of the characters from 1899 bear a certain resemblance to the characters from Manifest.

3. West World (2016-2022)

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Credit: John Johnson/HBO

HBO’s Westworld is one of the most notable sci-fi series on the list. The series tells how an artificial intelligence-run western theme park for elite people leads humanity into dystopia. 1899 and Westworld are so similar and yet so different. The creators use similar tropes to create different narratives that are equally compelling. While Westworld is set in a futuristic setting, 1899 is set in the 19th century. Century. In both stories, however, the lines between reality and fiction are blurred. We also see how technology and symbolism play an important role in both series. Various other facets contribute to the multi-layered storytelling style that intrigues viewers and compels them to find meaning in everything they see.

2. Severance (2022-)

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Apple TV+’s ‘Severance’ is another brilliant series that takes the simple concept of workplace drama and transforms it into something else. Developed by Ben Stiller, the series is a sci-fi psychological thriller that follows Mark (Adam Scott), a Lumon employee. Like many others who work there, his memory is divided into on-the-job memories and off-the-job memories. However, when one of the employees goes missing outside of work, Mark and his team set off to find out about themselves and the company they work for.

One of the main similarities between Severance and 1899 is that their stories depend on the mechanics of their worlds. The creators of both series have set up complicated rules that determine how various events unfold and how the characters react to them. In addition, both series are about enigmatic characters that the viewer knows little about. All of these facets add up to an impeccable story that keeps viewers thinking after the series is over.

1.Dark (2017-2020)

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Dark is one of the most fascinating series that turns the idea of ​​time travel on its head. Developed by the creators of 1899, the series is the first German original series produced for Netflix. Set in a small German town, the story follows four families whose past, present and future are linked to the town’s turbulent history. Since the creators behind the two series are the same, there are bound to be some similarities.

Like 1899, Dark is an intricate puzzle that demands your undivided attention from start to finish. Both series have recurring symbols that have deep meaning and provide clues as to where the story is going. Additionally, the unpredictable twists and turns turn the entire story upside down, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers. In the end, however, the creators neatly tie up all loose ends and give the viewers a satisfying conclusion.