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10 Anime Like AICO Incarnation You Must See

August 6, 2022

‘AICO -Incarnation-‘ is an action-packed anime that keeps the viewer in suspense at all times. Due to the short running time, the series already brings a lot of ideas with it in the first episodes. Although all of this might be a bit overwhelming at first, once the series has established the plot it becomes quite easy to understand what it is trying to portray. Judging by the series’ ratings, you’ll probably get the impression that this is another one of those typical anime that uses clichéd sci-fi archetypes to present an interesting concept. But if you watch the series without any expectations, you will find that it is way better than most similar series out there. AICO Incarnation has a very somber opening theme that sets the tone for the entire series.

Set in the year 2035, the story begins with a research experiment that goes so horribly wrong that the entire Kurobe Canyon is being eroded by a blob-like mass called matter. This event is called an eruption. To prevent further destruction, the scientists behind the experiment decide to quarantine the entire area. A few years later, an ordinary, wheelchair-bound schoolgirl named Aiko Tachibana meets a mysterious exchange student named Yuuya Kanzaki. Changing everything she knew about herself and her past, he convinces her to join him in finding the answers that lie within the Burst’s depths.

If you enjoyed this anime and are looking for more series that are similar in theme and style, then we have something for you. Here is the list of the best anime similar to ‘AICO -Incarnation-‘ that we recommend. You can watch several of these anime like ‘AICO -Incarnation-‘ on Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu.

10. Kuromukuro (2016-)

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An ancient artifact is discovered during the construction of the famous Kurobe Dam. This leads to the creation of the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute, which begins studying the artifact to understand its true nature. Scientists from around the world soon gather at the facility to unravel the mysteries of the artifact. The daughter of one of these scientists, Yukine Shirahane, visits the facility one day and is able to solve a small part of the mystery of the artifact. Once she does so, a Sengoku-era samurai named Kennosuke magically appears in front of her. They soon learn that a threat is coming from outer space and they must band together to protect their world from the approaching invaders. And as they do so, Yukine also learns Kennosuke’s true purpose in her world.

9. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002-)

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‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is the remake of the anime classic of the same name. It is set in a futuristic world where human body parts and organs can be easily replaced with cybernetic technology. While this has completely revolutionized the world, technology has also led to an increase in criminal activity. To counteract this, a special police unit called Section 9 is formed. Though they find it easy to get their hands on most criminals, they soon face their most difficult case, which involves a hacker who controls others’ cybernetic implants and tricks them into committing crimes. In a race against time, will Section 9 be able to stop this hacker who calls himself the Puppeteer?

8. Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

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‘Serial Experiments Lain’ is a 90’s existential classic that tells the story of a young girl named Lain. After one of her classmates commits suicide, she, like everyone else, receives emails from the dead girl. The girl’s messages claim that she doesn’t need a body to exist and that’s why she decided to kill herself. She also says that she now exists in a world called The Wire. When Lain asks her why she is doing all this, the Giro responds by saying, Because God is here. In addition to being entertaining, Serial Experiments Lian goes far beyond human imagination and clearly shows what anime as a medium is really capable of. At a time when only shounen anime played a major role, this film is truly revolutionary and if you watch it with an open mind, you will definitely love it.

7th Revision (2019)

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Daisuke Dojima is a student who is told that once he grows up, he will be a part of the prophecy. This prophecy boosts his confidence and he grows up with a strong hero complex. Later, he and his friends become embroiled in the Shibuya Drift when strange events send them 3 centuries into the future. Revisions follows the futuristic adventures of these children as they use their own giant mechanical machines to fight a cruel enemy. Not only will this allow them to return to their past, but it will also completely change the future of humanity. Similar to AICO Incarnation, this anime is quite simple compared to other sci-fi anime. The only difference between the two is that there is a lot more mecha in this series.

6. Last Hope (2018)

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‘Last Hope’, also known as ‘Unit Pandora’, is an anime set in a futuristic world where the boundaries between humans and AI have almost disappeared. After the onset of massive biological evolution, the entire biological fabric of the world is changing, affecting everything from humans to machines to all kinds of materials. This leads to the formation of various forms of existence. What ensues is a massive existential war with every life form attempting to take over Earth.

5. Ghost Hound (2007-2008)

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Unlike AICO Incarnation, Ghost Hound is more of a supernatural anime. But the two series are very similar when it comes to their main characters, who have confusing, traumatic pasts. Ghost Hound is about a small town where two children are kidnapped, only one of whom is later recovered alive. Shortly thereafter, a local man commits suicide, and these two events shape the lives of everyone in town. 11 years after the events, people are returning to their normal lives, but the kidnapping survivor still has nightmares about his sibling and the kidnapper. He later discovers that anyone can project their astral body, so he sets out to find his lost sister and the man who ruined her life. If the politics and mysteries involved in the story of AICO Incarnation have piqued your interest, then Ghost Hound might also be something for you.

4. From the New World (2012-2013)

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‘From the New World’ is about a peaceful village where many possess the power of psychokinesis. This keeps the village safe and free from poverty and crime. When Saki Watanabe discovers that she has the same abilities, she enrolls in the Zeijin Academy to ensure that she can grow up and contribute to the safety of the village. But as peaceful as everything seems, from time to time the students of the academy disappear and rumor has it that cat-like monsters are kidnapping them. When Saki’s close friend is kidnapped, she realizes that she must take it upon herself to solve the mysteries behind these kidnappings. AICO Incarnation and From the New World both have some amazing mysteries in their plots and also have some very interesting messages about what it really takes to be a good person.

3. Dennou Coil (2007)

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Overall, Dennou Coil is quite light-hearted compared to the somber tone of AICO Incarnation, but still has its own somber twists and tries to explore what it really means to be human and the implications of technology. The film revolves around an augmented reality project being tested in a city where by putting on glasses you can experience something truly magical. But soon the children of the town discover that there is much more to this project than meets the eye.

2. Haibane Renmei (2002)

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Somewhere in a dark corner of the world there is a doomed city where winged people called Haibane have their own little civilization. No one is allowed to leave this town, and these Haibane have fewer rights in the outside world than normal people. The Haibane emerge from their cocoons with no memories of their past lives, save for a dream that helps them determine their name. Rakka is one of the youngest Haibane trying to adjust to her situation, just like everyone else around her, and her only source of information to the outside world is the masked Renmei, who are allowed to leave town.

1. Xam’d: Lost Memories (2008-2009)

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Very similar to ‘AICO Incarnation’, ‘Xam’d: Lost Memories’ shows a world where technology has advanced so much that the existence of artificial life forms can spark a lot of philosophical debate. The only significant difference between the two series is that the artificial life forms in Xam’d are not just in the form of matter, but rather a more human-like avatar. Overall, this series has a longer running time and offers a lot more twists that keep you surprised until the end.