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Zero Season 2: Netflix release date, filming… Will the sequel arrive soon?

April 21, 2021

Have you finished watching the first season? Netflix’s new original creation is only three hours long, which happens way too fast! So the broadcast giant has planned Zero season 2 upload soon ? Maybe eight new episodes are ready …

The creator of the series seems in any case to want to stage the sequel because there are still many questions that have not yet been answered. What is the true objective of the nickname? the Virgin “? How will Omar react to the truth about his mother? Will Awa make other victims? We will have to wait for Know the release date of season 2 of Zero on Netflix to unravel all these mysteries!

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 2 of Zero (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

Zero is inspired by a novel written by Antonio Dikele Distefano, who also participated in the production of the italian series. According to the latter, the book will allow Zero season 2 to be produced since the fiction does not follow the story to the letter.

Antonio Dikele Distefano recently said Variety : ” I really hope people ask me, ‘What’s going to happen next season? or “Why is Zero doing this or that?” “. Is my objetive. “. Therefore, the author is very excited about the idea of ​​producing a season 2 but we still have to convince the streaming platform …

Netflix has yet to officially order Season 2 of Zero, the leaders took a risk by agreeing to finance a fiction of this type. They are probably eagerly awaiting the hearings for Part 1.

Therefore, the number of views will determine if new episodes will arrive soon … It will take a few weeks before the streaming giant seals the fate of Omar and his friends. However, it is possible to anticipate this decision by analyzing the popularity of fiction around the world.

In fact, the original creation was published in every country where Netflix is it availabe. Studying the series rankings in each country, it is possible to estimate if season 2 of Zero will arrive soon. This article will be updated very quickly, so we will take stock of the popularity and reviews of the first eight episodes.

You can estimate thata season 2 will be produced if fiction manages to reach the top three of the most popular content in Spain on Netflix. In general, it correlates quite well with the rankings of other countries.

Is the Zero Season 2 release date already planned by Netflix?

The episodes of the first season have a quite special format, unlike the American series, they last less than thirty minutes. This led us to look at Italian fiction in one go. In the end, it’s a bit like a three-hour movie …

Even if the series is too short, this has an advantage: the shooting and post-production phase is very fast. We currently estimate that Zero season 2 release date will be March or April 2021 on Netflix.

You will have to wait at least a month before the SVOD platform gives the green light (or not), then the creators of the series will have to write the script and then start planning the shoot. If the latter is not interrupted by the health crisis, we can expect that Zero season 2 will be ready in early 2022.

All the actors present in the first part will probably agree to participate in the new episodes because most begin in the very closed environment of the audiovisual. Having the opportunity to land a role in a Netflix original is extremely rare and could give them an exceptional career.

Waiting Know the release date of season 2 of Zero on Netflix, know that the fourth season of Good Girls is airing in America.

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