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Zero Season 1: Netflix series ending explained! Who is the virgin

April 22, 2021

Check out Zero’s Season 1 finale explanation on Netflix! Will it be visible again? Who is the virgin

Zero is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about him end of season 1, keep reading! One of the things we’ve enjoyed about some European productions that have been featured on streaming services lately is that they represent the diversity of the countries they represent. These populations have been present in their respective countries for decades.

But most programs from European nations ignore or use people from these populations as secondary characters. Zero It is one of the first Italian series to highlight the black population of the country. If you want to know everything about the launch of season 2, read this. Otherwise we will tell you more about it End of Season 1 of Zero on Netflix!

Zero season 1 ending explained

To Zero Season 1 End, we meet a mysterious androgynous woman who calls herself the Virgin. We saw her earlier at the casino, where she sports a bald head tattoo. Then, he goes to Omar’s family doctor, who tells him that the brothers are ready. While the brothers clearly refer to Awa and Omar, it is unclear what the Virgin has to do with them. Likewise, it is not clear how the doctor is in cahoots with the Virgin. In the last episode, the Virgin meets Awa.

Awa lost his sight because Omar used his power. But the Virgin offers him a special handkerchief that seems to improve his condition for a time. An invisible Omar sneaks through the guards to catch up with Anna. Omar cannot return to visibility, but Virgo seems to notice.

The painting of Omar and Awa is seen multiple times throughout the season. They appear to be the central pieces of a puzzle that extends far beyond them. Also, Omar’s father seems to know more than he can divulge. Hopefully next season will shed more light on the Secret Cult.

end of season 1 zero

Also, it seems like Awa is more powerful than she thinks. To Zero Season 1 End, Awa goes to find her boyfriend, Tom. His sight is blurry, but wiping his eyes with the magic tissue makes the image clearer. Tom is apparently having an affair with Awa’s best friend. Awa watches them closely, causing Tom’s eyes to roll back. Awa’s best friend, scared, falls from the ceiling and appears to die.

On the other hand, after taking a beating from one of Virgo’s bullies, Omar is unable to return to visibility. While he remains hidden from view, he takes Anna to the hospital, where the Virgin approaches him. Virgo may have the secret that would allow Omar to return to his previous state.

Zero Season 1 Episode 8 Brilliantly conclude the story of this alternate superhero. Omar and his inner circle fight for the last time against those who threaten the community. Zero season 1 finale It also brings some additional twists that can be developed in season two. Even if it doesn’t give us a precise answer to our questions!