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Zero (Netflix): The series is inspired by the novel but the story is completely different

April 19, 2021

Netflix’s next original creation will be Italian. It will be a series directly inspired by a novel written by Antonio Dikele Distefano that will present the story of a young African who lives in a disadvantaged district of Milan.

The protagonist will discover that he is endowed with a superpower that allows him to become invisible. The author Antonio Dikele Distefano co-wrote the fiction with Menotti (We call it Jeeg Robot).

With Zero, Netflix runs the risk of revolutionizing Italian series

The eight episodes of the first season will be uploaded on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 on Netflix. Antonio Distefano said Variety that with Zero he hoped to revolutionize the Italian series: “ From the beginning, my goal was to ensure that the presence of black protagonists [dans la série] it does not last a week. I really hope that after the premiere people will ask me, ‘What’s going to happen next season? [si jamais nous la faisons]or “Why does Zero do this or that?” “. Is my objetive. Getting to the point where it is not just about being the first series in which the protagonists are black Italian children. That said, of course it has a symbolic meaning. The metaphor of invisibility is very important in our society.

According to Antonio, it was very difficult to find black actors to the point that some people advised him against directing. Zero ! The development of the project was very long since it was very slowed down by the health crisis, but we will finally be able to discover this original creation in just a few days.

Find the trailer below and don’t forget that the first season will be available on Wednesday, April 21 on the streaming platform with the red logo. In the meantime, you can still watch our Netflix show of the week.

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