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Young Royals Season 1: Find Out Release Date & First Info (Netflix)

June 30, 2021

The next romantic series coming to Netflix will be Swedish! A young prince is sent to a private boarding school to study and learn good manners. Unfortunately, not everything will go according to plan and it could well be that her romance with a student is tarnishing her family’s reputation.

Young Royals Season 1: Netflix Release Date Is Coming Soon!

The young fictional hero is quickly torn between his first love and his duty as a prince. Wilhelm is an ordinary teenager who is riddled with hormones, but since he is the heir to the royal family, he will have a decision to make. Your family or your first love?

Contrary to what might have been thought, Wilhelm will not fall under the spell of one of the many daughters of billionaires who turn him around but of the poorest student in his high school.

The Young Royals season 1 release date has been set for Thursday the July 2021 on Netflix. The first season will have six chapters that will deal with sexuality, self-discovery, social status …

Is the cast of the series up to the task?

The cast is made up almost exclusively of the Swedish actor. The young prince will be played by Edvin Ryding, who made a notable appearance in Kronjuvelerna (available on Netflix). Unlike big American productions, don’t expect to find actors with perfect, ultra-sexualized bodies.

Young Royals is an authentic series where everyone can identify with one of the characters. Along with Wilhelm we will find Samuel Astor, Ingela Olsson, Pernilla August and Uno Elger.

What time will Young Royals season 1 be available on Netflix?

Since this is an original series produced by the streaming platform, Young royalty It will be available exclusively on Netflix from 9:01 am in Europe (except in the UK, where the episodes will be released an hour earlier). While you wait to be able to observe the fiction, discover the new anime that is likely to be a hit: the daily life of the immortal king.