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Yasuke Season 1: Story Not Up To The Top?

April 30, 2021

Netflix’s latest original creation is inspired by the story of an African servant turned samurai. Shortly after making the decision to change his life, Yasuke meets Saki, a girl who begins to manifest powers due to a mysterious illness.

The former samurai is tasked with protecting the young woman from mercenaries who want to capture her and find a doctor who can heal her. The MAPPA studio took care of the images and the fight scenes that are the main strength of the fiction.

Several scenes and characters are computer-animated in 3D, but the creators made the right decision by opting for a primarily 2D animated production. There is an indescribable pleasure in watching a sword fight with traditional animation, a feeling that 3D could not have conveyed.

Yasuke is an endearing character who is driven by a sense of loyalty and honor. If only we could have learned more about what shaped this hero beyond his chance encounter with Lord Nobunaga in 1579.

It adds mystery, but giving us more details about his past would have given us a better understanding of the character. We are looking at some scenes from his previous life, but we wanted to know more about his life before he came to Japan. It certainly would have given us a better understanding of who this living legend was and what drives him.

The stunning visuals are eye-catching, but the glaring lack of character development and disappointing storyline mark what could have been a promising Netflix animated series. Yasuke Season 2 has yet to be ordered, but it’s probably only a matter of time before the streaming platform seals the fate of the samurai.

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